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Say it with ‘Words’

Every now and then, it is great to indulge in some silliness!

Since we have already brought you our top ten songs and films, this month we thought we would feature the top ten ‘cloud’ novels, we would love to see. We hope you enjoy!!

1. A Tale of Two Clouds – a story set in the public cloud and the private cloudCloud computing during the technology revolution

2. The Hitchhikers Guide to the Cloud – hapless hero’s epic journey to discover the meaning of the cloud

3. The Cloud Code – leading cloud developer is brought in to unravel some baffling codes

4. The Call of the Cloud – the story of a programmer who joins the cloud after the demise of on-premise solutions

5. Around the World in Eighty Days – a story of one man’s journey to implement cloud technology across his global organisation

6. ROD’s Web – one company’s fight against technology naysayers in order to save cloud technology

7. Alice’s Adventures in Cloudland – one little girl’s journey through a fantasy cloud world

8. Sophie’s Choice – one woman’s choice between cloud service providers

9. Far From the Maddening Cloud – a passionate young girl is never satisfied with anything less than the perfect cloud

10. The Cloud Games – cloud servicer providers battle it out to be the victor as the leading provider



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