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Should all employers invest in beanbags?

As a business, we understand the value of our employees and often turn to software to streamline our HR and employee processes. Whilst it is important for a company to recognise its most valuable assets, using workflow and automation to deal with our employees can often leave them feeling cold and rejected. That’s why we feel that it is important to strike a balance between utilising software that can standardise your employee interactions and a sense of engaging them, just as we would our clients.

Needless to say the benefits of Human Capital Management (HCM) software, such as Workday, that can carry out personnel or benefits administration, payroll and self-service portals for employees is a huge benefit in taking away the heaving lifting from larger organisations. But, what steps can we take to make sure our employees feel like an individual rather than an employee number?

I guess this where companies like Salesforce.com are very good when it comes to generating buzz around employee communities. The very term itself lends to a more social approach to employee management, by empowering them with the tools to collaborate with other employees and HR. These apps appeal to employees as they focus on the rewards and incentives aspect, or the health and well being of our employees.

Almost 78% of business leaders rate employee engagement and retention as a topemployee engagement priority, and part of their overall business strategy. As a result we see companies redefining their employee engagement from annual reviews, to an ongoing holistic approach. Having people who are happy in their work, will lead to better customer service, innovation and a more improved business altogether.

So how can we make our employees happy? Actually, there is no easy answer on this one, because one size does not fit all. So whilst some employees might be happy with a ‘chill out’ zone and beanbags, other employees might be happier knowing they can leave work early on a Friday, or have a lie in on a Monday morning. So I guess, this is where the idea of a community comes from. A place where employees get to say how they feel and how their work environment could be improved.