//Should I go contracting?

Should I go contracting?

As a niche IT recruitment company, one of the questions we are often asked is “Should I go contracting?”

Many people presume that contract roles are more lucrative than permanent roles. And they can be for the right person. But, before you decide to give up your highly sought after job and dip a toe into the contract world, take a look at the comparison below, to decide it is right for you.

Whilst this is not an exhaustive comparison list it does highlight some of the main differences.  However contracting can also have an impact in other areas of your life, such as the ability to secure a mortgage, or the additional time you need to spend looking after the accounts and paperwork.  On the flip side, in permanent employment it is harder to take six months out for a ‘sabbatical’.

Whichever you route you decide, we suggest that you explore all of your options in full, first. Look at your lifestyle now and consider what your future needs may be for you and your family.

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