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Six skills every employer is looking for

Ensuring you have the right skills to get ahead in your job as always been a number one priority of ours. That’s why we would like to share this recent article by Todd Turner:

The days of landing a steady job, with a predictable workload, are over. The problem for today’s organisations is that few – if any – of them can predict what challenges they’ll be facing in a year’s time. This is actually good news for individuals.

One thing that’s certain, in our uncertain world, is that organisations will have to become more agile and more responsive to macro trends and factors beyond their control. Their success will depend to a large extent on whether they can recruit and develop employees who have the capability – and capacity – to work effectively and to take advantage of opportunities that arise.

In other words, they’ll be looking for people who are talented, resilient, adaptable, imaginative and trustworthy. These five traits, which form the mnemonic TRAIT, are the key skills that you need to highlight on your CV. You’ll also need to show that you have a positive mindset because that will impact on whatever job you’re asked to do.

Implications for leaders

With the sheer scale and pace of change, today’s leaders also need new skills. If you’re a senior manager, you should be asking yourself: can I demonstrate the following attributes and behaviour:

1. Personal credibility and integrity. Organisations want leaders who will behave in ways that are consistent with their vision and values. In times of maximum uncertainty, where no one has all the answers, the most effective leaders will be those who earn trust.

2. Resilience. Leading through constant change, takes stamina. Dealing with ambiguity, coping with stress and overcoming setbacks can be emotionally draining, psychologically demanding and intellectually challenging. Leaders will need to be resilient to cope effectively.

3. Agile thinking. Today’s leaders need to be brave enough to challenge conventional approaches and be adaptable to changing situations and circumstances.

4. The ability to inspire. In the absence of certainty, leaders need to be able to influence and inspire others, rather than relying on their hierarchical authority to get things done. Good communication skills are a given (the ability to listen, converse and present). Leaders must be able to create clarity and build confidence within the organisation through their actions and their demeanour.

5. A passion for learning. Leaders will need to learn, practice, reflect and improve as a repeating cycle. To do this, they must be committed to their own learning. They will also need to champion the learning of others.

6. A willingness to collaborate. Leaders will always need to build relationships and to collaborate effectively with others. Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to express feelings, beliefs and thoughts assertively, not aggressively, are required.

Want to develop your leadership skills further, but are in need of inspiration? Then check out Onward, the inspirational book by Starbucks President and Chairman, Howard Schultz.

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