Sneak Peak at 2016

As this year draws to a close, we take a look to see what’s in store for the technology landscape over the coming year.


In a recent article Kathleen Booth, CEO of Quintain Marketing, predicted that over the next 12 months “CRMs will evolve from sales-oriented tools to truly integrated marketing and sales platforms”.

In the course of the coming year, business leaders will be focusing more on a customer-obsessed operating model. Whereas at present, very few companies recognise that managing your brand is all about making sure customers have a great experience.



Marc Prosser, co-founder of Fit Small Business, was quoted in a recent article “that in 2016 we will see CRM go mobile in a big way”.  He said “expect to see CRM mobile apps adding features that interact with map and note-taking apps”.

IoT, Cloud and Big Data will all come together in a big way, as predictions show that we will see leading data and cloud companies, such as Microsoft, Amazon and Google bring the Internet of Things services to life, where the data can move easily to their cloud based engines.



A number of recent articles touched on the adoption of NoSQL, which is expected to take over the majority.

And if the future still seems so far off, then consider storing data in DNA. Due to revolutionary results, it is now possible to store data within DNA strands reliably for over 2,000 years. Being able to store data in this way is an advancement to data storage, but is currently very costly that it does not make it commercially viable.