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Stake Your Place: Part One of Safeguarding Your IT Career

If you come from a long career in IT involving enterprise data, you will be forgiven for thinking that your job is safe. But with so much hot talent chomping at the bit to make their waves in the IT industry, it always pays to stay ahead of the curve. In this series of blogs, we take a look at measures you should be taking to guarantee your job security, by looking at the essential must have skills, as we bear witness to some of the biggest shifts in technology.

Understanding Cloud Technology

This comes as no surprise, since ‘cloud’ has been quite mainstream for a number of years. In fact, it is almost impossible to talk about technology without mentioning the Cloud.

So let’s take a quick look at the different cloud environments:

Cloud StoragePrivate clouds are deployed behind a company’s firewall, and usually consist of data center equipment reconfigured to use on-demand servers and storage.

Public clouds by cloud service providers enable to you to rent infinite storage capacity on a subscription basis.

Hybrid Clouds blends both public and private cloud together, into a single infrastructure, thereby allowing data to flow back and forth, depending on available resources and user demands.


So why is cloud so important?

  • Research shows that over half of organisations are already utilising cloud services, due mainly down to the speed of adoption and cost savings.


  • And if you still feel that cloud security is an issue, then consider that security breaches are extremely rare, due largely in part to the fact that your data is mixed randomly with billions of other pieces of data. So making sense of it is nigh on impossible for even the best of hackers.


  • There has also been significant improvements over the last few decades, on network speeds, so cloud performance and reliability is also improving, meaning that you should be able to agree more strict Service Level Agreements with your cloud suppliers.


Stay ahead of the curve

You can either be ‘against cloud’ or ‘for cloud’, but by making sure you remain the expert, particularly about any advancements in technology, will ensure that there is always a place for you within your organisation.


Make sure you are making the most of any current cloud service providers capabilities.

Upgrade relevant applications and data, such as backups and Archives to cloud storage.