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How to Survive Your First 30 Days in Your New Salesforce Consultant Role

Salesforce Consultant RoleCongratulations! You’ve received the offer for the job of your dreams as a Salesforce consultant. Now, all you need to do is implement a plan for success that will help you to thrive, and shine in your new role.  

That first month in a new position can make or break your career. Not only does it give you an opportunity to show your employers that they’re getting all the skills and benefits you promised them at your interview, but it also allows you to carve a space for yourself within your new company culture so that you’re prepared for a productive future.  

Within the first thirty days as a Salesforce Consultant, there are a few key things that you can do to ensure that you not only show your value as a Salesforce expert but also demonstrate your worth as a beneficial member of your new team.

1. Make a Great First Impression

There’s a good chance that you already gave your employer an insight into your personality at your interview. However, the first thirty days in your new role is when you’ll be able to really set yourself apart as a key staff member, by “walking the walk” from day one.  

Remember that during the first month, all eyes will naturally be on you, as your co-workers will be eager to see what you can do in your new job. Even if you’re not used to being the centre of attention, think about how you can make the right impression by: 

  • Dressing for success: Though we’re all told not to judge a book by its cover, making sure that you look the part and your style fits the company when you visit the office can help to convey an air of professionalism while giving you an extra confidence boost too.
  • Being punctual: Timekeeping is crucial to making a positive first impression. Make sure that you’re always at your desk ahead of schedule rather than just when you’re supposed to be.
    Also, learn how to organise your time if you struggle with deadlines.
  • Smile: Though it seems simple, showing people that you’re happy to be in your new role can go a long way towards making sure that you’re accepted in your new company culture.  

2. Build a Positive Relationship with Your Manager

In your new position as a Salesforce consultant, you’ll quickly find that relationships will be the key to success. Since your original manager likely had the final say in giving you your new job, you can rest assured that they’ll be happy to do whatever they can to help you succeed.

That means that if you need a little guidance, you can turn to your manager for answers.  

Of course, it’s important to make sure that you don’t use the leaders in your new business as a crutch. Instead, create a relationship of mutual value, by listening to what matters to them, and taking steps to help them achieve their goals.  

Most managers love proactive team members, so if you can show that you’re willing to take the initiative and go the extra mile, you’re sure to end up with a happy boss.  


3. Demonstrate Your Ability to Work in a Team

Salesforce Consultant RoleAs a Salesforce consultant, your new role will require you to work closely with different team members throughout your organisation. Learning how to be a productive team player will not only help you to impress your boss, but it could also mean that you open doors for new opportunities in your career too. After all, “Together Everyone Achieves More”.  

At ROD, we know how vital the right employees can be to the growth of a company, so take it from us that it’s always a good idea to invest in the relationships you have with your co-workers. Grab a coffee together at lunch, or offer to help someone out when they need a little extra support on a big project. Small gestures can go a long way.  

4. Listen and Learn: Be Ready for Growth 

The first month in your new job isn’t just about showing other people what you’re capable of. While building connections and making the right impressions is essential; it’s also a good idea to start setting up your own foundation for professional growth. For instance, asking plenty of questions about your new corporate culture, who’s who, and what you need to do in your position, could give you the resources you need to strengthen your new position.  

Not only does asking questions help you to learn more about your role, but it also shows your employers just how enthusiastic you are about your career.  

5. Meet Your Colleagues One on One

Finally, since there’s a good chance you’ll be working with many key employees in your company as a Salesforce coordinator, it’s a good idea to put some extra effort into getting to know your colleagues inside and out. Find good reasons to set up 1:1 meetings with the colleagues you admire and look for opportunities where you may be able to adopt someone as your mentor.   

Show your peers that you’re interested in their skills, and ask them about what they do daily. The more you communicate with the other professionals in your team, the more useful information you’ll learn about how your chosen company works, and what you need to do to progress in your role.  


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