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Team-Strengthening Strategies for the Most Business-Critical Time in a Generation

Organisations everywhere are putting the pieces back together after what has been the most disruptive time most of us will ever go through, career-wise. 

For many teams at Salesforce, remote working is still in place, as it is for the ROD team too. 

The pandemic has encouraged us to question what parts of our businesses need attention and has challenged what we thought our limits were. 

I was reading a Harvard Business Review article recently, which prompted me to write this post – it was all about business growth after trauma.  

Now, I know Salesforce has fared remarkably well during this complete upheaval, the company have reported enormous growth and have continued to recruit.  

But still, what has happened to our world, the sectors around us and the businesses we interact with has been traumatic, to varying degrees. 

So, it is vital to think about how to come out stronger after a period of business trauma  which many organisations have experienced. 

Today’s blog is all about how to future-proof your business and strengthen your team during the business-critical time we are currently navigating. 


What Changes Have Happened? 

You might have made no changes to your team during the pandemic, or it might have changed dramatically. For example, here at ROD, we have fully embraced remote working and are excited about potentially trialling this permanently. 

You might have team members who will be permanently working from home, or you may have employees still on furlough. 

What is critical to do now is take an honest audit of what your business strategy is going to be for the next six months to a year.  

It is essential now to reflect on the long term consequences of the pandemic and act accordingly.  

  • Are there parts of your business which you need to shrink?  
  • Or areas which have grown and now need more focused attention to scale?


Strategies to Strengthen Your Team 

The following are four strategies and ideologies which, when you introduce them into your business, will help your team grow past the challenges many of us have experienced this year.  



Effective communication is an essential strategy to maintain with your team through this business-critical time. 

But being a great communicator means listening as well as relating information. Actively listen to your team and encourage the same from them. Only by pulling together and working efficiently will you get through the next few months unscathed. 



As I mentioned earlier, significant changes may have occurred within your team over the past few months. As a leader, it is essential to maintain transparency with your team, as this will strengthen the team from the inside too. One thing I have noticed over the years is that the people who work in the Salesforce ecosystem are grown up and want to feel involved. 



Teams who have a united purpose function better through times of crisis. Now is the time to focus on service in your team; both excellent service for the product and the end-user, but also the serving of fellow colleagues.  

Make service a key priority for the next few months and watch your team flourish as they focus on the meaning in their work.  



And finally, a focus on learning will help team members feel a greater sense of fulfilment in their roles – whether that’s extra training for their current roles or encouraging personal development.  

Lifelong learning – the ongoing self-motivated pursuit of knowledge is proven to enhance social relationships, increase and self-confidence and improve work performance.  

These strategies will all help develop and evolve your team from the pre-Covid era to the reality we now find ourselves occupying. 

The world has changed, and we must adapt to it.   


What Your Salesforce Team Needs to Look Like Now  

While some organisations are still stalling in ‘lockdown’ mode, others are taking action. 

Fact: the next few months and over the next year will be perhaps the most critical business period you will experience in our generation.  

Employees with a range of Salesforce skills are going to be in high-demand, especially as Salesforce continues to grow and require new talent. 

For example, employees with Salesforce Business Analyst and Salesforce Systems Administrator skills compliment each other – but don’t always expect that employees will be able to wear many different hats. As this Salesforce blog states, employers must accept that some Salesforce specialities are not interchangeable. You might need a few key players with a focused ability in their specialism.  

It’s about looking pragmatically at your current team, and finding where the gaps are. 

The Salesforce leaders with the best teams in place will prevail; those who get it wrong could suffer serious consequences. We are already seeing how the sector is changing and adapting to the ‘new normal’ – are your team dynamic and innovative enough to keep ahead of the curve? 


Next Steps 

If you need to access the very best Salesforce talent to feel confident in approaching the unknown challenges of the future, we can help. 

Our broad network of Salesforce talent means that we can quickly source and put you in contact with the exact talent you need for your team. 

Get in touch with us here to find out how we can help build your post-pandemic Salesforce team. 





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