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The future is bright…the future is wearable

In a world where innovation is key to success, it seems everyone wants a slice of the wearable smart devices market and giants like Salesforce.com, inc are no different. We have been watching them with interest over recent months as they have started to add even more products to their Salesforce Wear development program.

It is expected that the market for wearable business devices will grow to a staggering $18 billion dollars by 2018, so it no wonder that Salesforce.com are continuing to add products such as, Samsung Gear2, Myo, UP by Jawbone, Meta Glasses and Oculus Rift. Wearable devices is likely to feature quite heavily in the Dreamforce Event set to take place next month.

Salesforce Wear Developer Pack is a set of open source applications, that enable developers to design and build wearable applications that connect to their Salesforce1 platform. This means that business will be able to interact more fully with their customers and query / update customer data directly from their devices.

Below are just some of the devices that are available for the Salesforce Wear Developer Pack.

Salesforce Wear