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The Internet of Things may change the shape of CRM

CRM has been pivotal for businesses, by allowing technology to monitor client relationships from the initial point of contact right through to after sales support. And, whilst CRM has been changing shape to embrace the likes of cloud technology, mobile applications and big data, there is something new on the horizon, the Internet of Things (IoT).

With the increasing demand to have ‘everything’ connected to the internet, it is expected that it won’t be long before we start to see a new version of CRM emerging. Analytics is expected to play a key part in what CRM customers will be expecting from their systems. Customers will also want their CRM to tap into big data, so they can respond to customers needs quicker than ever before.

We asked ROD’s Director, Lee Durrant, what he thought about the impact of IoT on CRM, and this is what he had to say, “Over the last six to eight months, we have seen the Internet of Things starting to gain serious momentum, and as a result have seen a shift in the demand for a different set of skills. From speaking to consultants on the ground, they are saying that businesses are becoming inundated and are struggling to put in place technology systems that can sufficiently handle the raw data. At the moment CRM is about managing marketing, sales, customer service and support. But, we are hearing from the consultants that businesses now want the ability to report on efficiency and effectiveness by working different scenarios, but are finding the gap in technology, and specifically CRM as being too wide at the present”.

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