//The simple answer to Tier 2 visa applications

The simple answer to Tier 2 visa applications

Although the cloud technology ecosystems is realising continued growth, it seems that the pool of skilled professionals is shrinking at an incredible rate. Business are therefore facing OnLegaltougher challenges in finding the right skills, to help their businesses grow.  Companies such as OnLegal  recognise this challenge and have built solutions to help individuals and organisations cut through the visa and immigration process in respect to tier 2 visas.

Hire a Lawyer: 

The services they offer are OnLegal Service Marketplace, which enables a company or individual to hire an immigration adviser online via their service marketplace. The whole application process can be handled online,  and will give them access to immigration and visa advice.

The VisaHub App:

Coming shortly is OnLegal’s VisaHub app, which delivers visa management and compliance, both for businesses and workers. The app built on the OnLegal platfrom will help with; right to work checks and manage visa expiry dates and compliance.

Tier 2 Sponsorship App:

Finally, the OnLegal Tier 2 Sponsorship App, will help companies to follow a tier 2 compliant sponsorship process and includes a resident labour market test as part of the service.

Resource On Demand are a leading IT recruitment company specialising in cloud technology, who work with a number of clients offering Tier 2 sponsorship.  For more information on the roles they have available, contact them on rod@resourceondemand.com
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