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We have all no doubt read about how the cloud industry is expected to generate about 1.9 million jobs across the globe by 2015, but what are we expecting these roles to be?

Leading cloud recruitment agency, Resource On Demand, has been carefully analysing data that has been collected over a 4 year period, to help predict the kind of roles that we can expect to see becoming available.

For starters, the vast majority of people actively seeking employment through Resource On Demand consider themselves to be life-contractors. Yet the records show that during the period from 2009 to 2012, permanent vacancies outstripped contract roles by up to 3 times as many. And the start of 2013 appears to be no different, with 5 times as more permanent roles currently being advertised compared to contract.

So whilst contractors are perhaps driven by a flexible lifestyle and higher day rates, the figures show that unless you are highly skilled as a cloud technologist, you might find yourself struggling to find decent contract roles. In contrast, the permanent market has seen growth year-on-year by at least 40%, which is great for people currently seeking employment within the cloud industry.

So what types of roles do the UK’s leading recruiters say, are top of everyone’s list. Lee Durrant, director at Resource On Demand, said this. “It is unsurprising that whilst the cloud industry is still very much in a growth phase, that we would see more and more requirements for consultant type experts. In particular, those people that possess good data management, project management and a deep understanding of business processes, which are the skills at the very heart of a strategic cloud adoption plan.”

Top Salesforce jobsIn support of this, records show that a staggering 57% of jobs filled during the same 4 year period, were for Functional Consultants. Whilst Administrators made up 22%, Developers 12%, and the remaining 9% was made up of Technical Architects and other cloud related roles. What’s more, this ratio of split, held true for both permanent and contract opportunities.

Durrant went on to say “This is great news for people with a passion for cloud technology and social media apps, and who have the ability to understand how businesses across the globe can benefit from moving their systems into the cloud, without necessarily being a technical guru”.