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Top Skills for Cloud Experts

Here at Resource On Demand, we are always tracking the changes to any demands in cloud skills, so we thought we would bring you the hottest cloud skills our clients are asking for:

  • Configuration skills are essential for making the most of your CRM / SaaS Top Cloud Skillssoftware. The ability to continuously improve functionality helps enterprises stay ahead of the competition.
  • Support skills ensure enterprises continue to operate smoothly and efficiently, by prioritising and dealing with support issues promptly. Organisations often underestimate the need for good support, until something goes wrong.
  •  IT Project Management experience is paramount for any enterprise looking to roll out a software implementation, to ensure the project stays firmly on track.
  • Resource management goes hand-in-hand with PM skills, to make sure that you have the right resources at the right moment. Many projects come to a grinding halt due to lack of adequate planning.
  • Finance & budget management is essential for any implementation. Without the right budget and finance planning, your project will not get off the ground and will have little success.
  • Architecture is the pivotal moment in any project, when the true potential of your new CRM system moves from a wish list to a conceptual working model.
  • Software development is when the plan really starts to take shape as ideas begin to be fleshed out with actual working models.
  • Commercial awareness might often get overlooked, but never underestimate how knowing about the industry and sector, along with real-world experience can boost any project to the next level.
  • Multi-vendor integration experience helps to ensure a projects success by understanding how different software and systems will integrate with each other, whilst maintaining the integrity and security of data.
  • Migration skills will ensure ‘business as usual’ when the changeover to a new system takes place, by ensuring that business functions continue to be supported as normal.

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