//Trends for 2012 and beyond – Part 3: Make sure your company is ahead of the curve

Trends for 2012 and beyond – Part 3: Make sure your company is ahead of the curve

Over the last two months, we have taken a look at previous predictions made by Daryl Plummer, Managing VP and Gartner Fellow. This month we focus on what he had to say about how you can stay ahead of the curve, by turning his predictions to your advantage.

salesforce“There are so many things to deal with that you should first ask yourself how do these things come together to form a phenomenon. This is why we talk about cloud, social, mobile and information nexus.

Cloud is the means of delivery, social is the behavioural style – the interaction style; mobile is the access mechanism and information is the analytical foundation of which you figure out which decisions you want to make.  If you really don’t have a view that brings together these four things, you are really going to have a hard time integrating what is going on in the IT landscape today.

To build the philosophy you have to say “here’s how we are going to deal with cloud, social, mobile and information and here are the ramifications of that”.

Now you can begin to pick and choose the predictions from Gartner’s large set of reports that are coming out in 2012. Drill down on the security, cloud brokerage and industry service reports so you can begin to see how cloud, social, mobile and information are effecting everything that you do. That is how you build a foundation for evaluating your own future. Without it, it will be a rough ride, with it you can open the door of new opportunities you may not have realised actually existed.”

You can listen to Daryl Plummer’s full interview here: http://www.gartner.com/it/products/newsroom/ 



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