//What makes a productive worker?

What makes a productive worker?

A recent survey revealed that 80% of employers consider it perfectly acceptable to contact their employees outside business hours. But, why has this become an acceptable practice?

It seems that our current and future generations are adopting a culture of we ‘live to work’. Eighty hour weeks are becoming the norm, and all too often employees are feeling the pressure that they need to work on their own time, which means sacrificing quality time with family.

What makes a productive worker?

So how as employer’s can we address this balance?

Firstly, we need to start growing a culture of productive people. Individuals who feel truly motivated, will want to work and will therefore accomplish more, which will result in less wasted time during the working day, and therefore help to eliminate the need to work additional hours.

There are a number of key motivations for get the best from your employees, and usually the more motivating ones are not the most obvious. But, before we share them with you in a future blog, why not take a few seconds to ponder your own motivation by taking part in this very short survey – http://resourceondemand.com/blog/polls-and-surveys/




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