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Why Work With A Salesforce Recruiter in a Skill Short Market

The digital skills gap is a serious problem for a lot of companies. Over three-quarters of the global workforce currently feel like they don’t have the talent required to operate in a digital-first world.  

To bridge the gap in the U.K. alone, 9 out of 10 U.K. workers will need to learn new technical skills by 2030. At the same time, companies are dealing with endless other challenges which can make accessing the right digital professionals even harder. Everything from the threat of the Great Resignation to changing employee expectations is presenting a problem.  

The digital skills shortage is an issue for companies trying to embrace the power of tools like Salesforce to help them connect with their target audience and increase sales. Now more than ever, brands rely on solutions like Salesforce to generate positive profit and reduce customer churn. However, there aren’t enough Salesforce stars to go around.  

That’s where a Salesforce recruitment specialist comes in. 

Why Companies Need Salesforce Recruiters 

More than 150,000 companies worldwide are reliant on Salesforce skills to achieve at least some of their business goals. The technology is the most popular for customer relationship management, intelligence, and sales tracking. However, companies need professionals with the right skills to leverage Salesforce properly.  

Salesforce is a complex and immersive ecosystem of tools, so there are many different “Trailhead” courses and certifications available to ensure staff members can take full advantage of the technology.  

However, as demand for Salesforce solutions goes up, available talent continues to dwindle. This is particularly true in today’s remote world, where Salesforce staff can find jobs anywhere for businesses worldwide.  

A Salesforce recruiter gives you an edge in searching for valuable Salesforce talent, forming a critical part of your team as you build your workforce.  

Here are just some of the reasons you should work with Salesforce recruiters. 


1. They know the Industry 

Salesforce can be quite a complex environment for beginners to understand. There are countless different aspects to the ecosystem and different certifications associated with each tool. A Salesforce recruitment professional can help you know what kind of Salesforce skillsets you need to take your business to the next level.  

Working with a Salesforce recruiter also means you get behind-the-scenes insights into the benefits the top talent might be looking for at any given time in the Salesforce space. This means you’re more likely to appeal to the people you want to hire.


2. They Can Help You Adapt 

For companies hiring Salesforce talent, you need to be ready to adapt to several different changes and evolutions. First, you’ll need to consider whether you’re willing to adjust to new recruitment trends, like hiring remote employees and hybrid workers. Doing so could mean you can access a wider range of Salesforce professionals 

Secondly, as the tools and services in the Salesforce landscape continue to evolve, you’ll need to consider what kind of new skills you’ll need to look for among your Salesforce professionals. The Salesforce space is constantly transforming with new tools and technology, and knowing which applications you’re going to use will help you find the right talent.  


3. They Build a Salesforce Talent Pipeline for the Future 

Salesforce recruitment teams work in a range of different ways. They can help you find one-off staff members for your immediate talent needs or build long-term pipelines, so you always have access to new up-and-coming experts in the Salesforce space.  

Recruitment professionals in the Salesforce landscape know how to find people with the right skills for your business in environments you might not have access to on your own. They can get to know your business, what kind of goals you’re trying to achieve, and direct you towards the talent you need now and in the future. Salesforce recruitment teams can also help you find the talent pipelines you want to join as a Salesforce professional. 


4. Salesforce Recruitment Teams Teach You Things 

Salesforce recruitment professionals are excellent sources of information and knowledge for people in the hiring space. Salesforce professionals can rely on these teams to teach them how to make their application or resume stand out when they’re applying for a crucial job. They can also teach you how to enhance your interview skills.  

As a company in search of Salesforce talent, you can access guidance from your recruitment team on making your employer brand look more appealing or how to host video interviews and onboard remote members of staff. As industry experts, Salesforce recruitment professionals have a wide range of talents they can share with the people they work with, whether you’re an employer or a candidate. 


5. They’re Time Savers 

Finally, and perhaps most importantly for many business owners, Salesforce recruitment agencies are crucial for saving companies time and effort. These recruitment professionals are experts in what they do, with years of experience finding the most appropriate candidates for businesses and vice versa.  

In an environment where employers need to find the talent they need as quickly as possible to stay ahead of the competition, few things are more important than saving time on an often costly recruitment process. Similarly, for Salesforce professionals, recruitment teams can make it easier to find the jobs you need fast to maintain a consistent income.  





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