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Women in Tech: Should a gap in a CV be frowned upon?  

Many employees, especially women, fear that having a gap on their CV will put them at a disadvantage when it comes to landing a job. Especially if the time taken off was to raise a family. They areWomen In Tech often unsure if their skills are still relevant and if they will be able to fit back into a corporate environment.

Some organisations are taking the initiative to help women to get back into the workplace through mentoring and coaching programs. They are believe that there’s a pool of talent that businesses are missing out on, and that by helping women transition back into the workplace, everyone can benefit.

For women, it’s often more a case of self-doubt rather than valuable skills that prevents them from taking the leap back into the workplace. But with some outside perspective to highlight the knowledge and skills they possess, and some encouragement to put themselves out there, returning women often prove to be some of the best employees – dedicated and hardworking, because they genuinely appreciate the work opportunity.

But the process is not without its challenges, despite the drawcard of earning a salary again, returning to work often carries extra family expenses such as child care, be it in the form of crèche or carers who can assist with running around for school activities and extra murals. This is especially true for low income earners.

This highlights the importance of women knowing their worth and having the confidence to ask for the salary and employment terms they need to make the opportunity work. Employers who are willing to allow some flexibility and encourage women to return to work through mentorship programmes may find themselves with very valuable employees.

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