//How to Write Job Descriptions to Build Your High-Performance Technical Team

How to Write Job Descriptions to Build Your High-Performance Technical Team

Job descriptions should be the starting point of your recruiting process. As companies around the globe scramble to get their hands on the best technical skills for their organisation, it’s becoming harder than ever for hiring managers to locate and capture the most skilled candidates in the technical talent market.  

Around 94% of companies surveyed today suggest that talent acquisition is essential to their brand’s ability to succeed in their business strategy. That means that if you’re not already attracting the right people into your business, you will need to make changes to your recruitment process.  

The first step towards success in any industry is writing a dynamic, enticing job specification, that engages applicants, and helps to bridge the gaps between the ambitions of emerging professionals, and the needs of your organisation.  

So, how do you create the most attractive job description to attract the cloud technology stars you want.  Ana, please link to the other post this month about what Technology stars want. 


1. Start by Selling Your Open Position

A job description is more than just an outline of the role you’re hoping to fill in your company, they’re also a form of marketing, as they’re designed to attract people to your brand. You need to sell the top recruits in your field on the idea that your opportunity is better than anything else in the industry.  

You won’t get the “sale” you’re looking for unless you post “hooks” in your description too. These are the triggers that are most likely to prompt action among the people you want to connect with. Hooks for a high-performance team are likely to include: 

  • Location information: The best talent wants to work close to home or can dial in remotely. So, make sure your potential staff know where you are.  
  • Skill requirements: People want to see themselves thriving in the careers they apply for. Add the skills your new team member will use. 
  • Value: Finally, you’ll need to show that you have something unique to offer the people in your professional group. From benefits to an excellent salary, it’s up to you to “sell” the offer.  

2. Include the Right Information

Whether you’re searching for talent in the Salesforce world, or you want a marketing automation expert to help your company thrive, the chances are that your candidates are starting their search online and through a specialist technology recruitment agency. That means that you need to have the right presence in the digital world.  

Include keywords and phrases that are relevant to the position you’re trying to fill. For example, if you’re on the lookout for a Technical Project Manager, then you might want to include content around having a background of implementing different solutions such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud or Marketing Cloud.

3. Envision the Perfect Candidate

Though it can be difficult to imagine the right recruit before you’ve had a chance to interview anyone, it can be worth picturing the perfect candidate before you start writing job descriptions. Think about all the critical qualities you need from your potential staff member.  

While it’s all right to have high expectations, be realistic too. If you’re looking for a marketing automation expert, then you can’t expect them to be proficient in product development and copywriting also. Instead, focus on the few things you really need from a candidate.  

Envisioning who you want to hire will help you to specify an idea of the right applicant, while also making it easier for you to decide where you’re going to place your role specs for the best chances of success.  


4. Make Sure You Stand Out

If you’re hoping to connect with talent in a trending area, such as technology and Salesforce development, then there’s a good chance you’ll be competing with a number of organisations for a chance to hire the ideal person. With that in mind, examine how you can make your role description stand out from the crowd and speak into what is truly important to the candidates you want to attract; this is where your specialist recruiting partner’s expertise will help. 


5. Job Descriptions And Your Employer Brand #Alignment

Finally, the rise of social media and the inter-connectedness of the online environment has changed the way that crucial talent evaluates career opportunities with organisations they want to work with today. 

As an experienced recruitment company in the technology space, it’s not uncommon for candidates we approach to jump online and search for your organisation as we have our initial conversations. 

The question is what does your online presence say about you? Though the role description might look enticing does the rest of your ‘employer brand’ align with the promises of your job description? 

Do you have an active social media presence a news or blog page the comments on the latest trends in your field? Case studies of employees who are part of your team and why, for them, you have turned out to be a fantastic employer. 

Recruiting business critical staff has many moving parts; from a recruiting partner that knows the market and has access to high performing candidates, to a job description that is clear and enticing to what you say on your Facebook page. 

The question is, are you getting it right?  

If you think you do have gaps, we can help. 

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