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5 ‘Must Dos’ When Sending Your Marketing Automation CV to a Recruitment Agency

The marketing automation and CRM employment markets are changing; and fast. 

With increased competition in the sector, candidates must differentiate themselves from other applicants if they want to secure the most sought-after roles.  

As automation continues to permeate every corner of industry, candidates with the ‘right’ skills are in short supply.  

If you’re planning on taking your CRM or marketing automation career to the next level this year, let me share with you the key elements to highlight on your CV when you’re applying for new Salesforce marketing automation jobs.  


1. Transferable Skills 


Salesforce Marketing Automation Jobs


The job market is constantly changing, and marketing automation recruitment looks different, even from what it was a few short years ago.  

But with the sector evolving at such a rapid rate, employers often find it hard to find the candidates they need with the specific skill set that the role now requires. 

So what do they look for next: candidates with plenty of transferable skills.  

Ensure you add a sentence or two on your CV about how you have developed your transferable skills such as teamwork, leadership, planning, delegationtime-management and project budgeting skills.  


2. Demonstrate Upskilling 

The future of marketing automation is all about being adaptable and quickly adopting the newest technologies when they hit the market. 

Hiring managers and recruiters are looking through the sea of applicants to find those who can demonstrate that they are willing, and have already upskilled themselves to keep ahead of the curve.  

For Salesforce candidates, this means earning your badges. For other digital automation candidates, this means showing your range and progression of skills. Candidates who have worked on several different projects (even with different companies) are not seen as ‘job-hoppers’ anymore – this shows the ability to adapt your skills to different situations and ‘learn on the job’. 


3. Rare Skills 


Salesforce Marketing Automation Jobs


CRM hiring managers and recruiters come into contact with similar candidates all the time – what do you have that sets you apart from the crowd? 

Are you adept at communicating technical ideas to your non-technical colleagues when needed? 

Do you have a vast range of soft-skills that someone with your experience doesn’t generally have yet – have you taken on managerial duties (without the pay) to take charge of a project? 

As marketing automation treads the line between background IT and customer service, it is essential that you highlight how you have balanced skills and abilities in these two areas.  

One of the rarest skills, however, is the ability to forward-think. Let’s explore why. 


4. Forward Thinking 

The most in-demand marketing automation candidates are the ones who have a history of anticipating what the business needs and implementing it quickly, for maximum effect. 

The most successful CRMs strive to predict the future: marketers who use predictive analytics to make their decisions outperform businesses who use non-predictive methods by 1.8 times 

Of course, for their employees to predict the future is a big ask of any company, it is more about being acutely aware of subtle changes in the market, which you will be more in tune with when you become a thought leader in your sector (more in this in the next section). 

Highlight on your CV the times you have implemented, and your understanding of the importance of anticipating, your customer’s needs and how this aligns with meeting business goals.  

Finally, let me share a great piece of advice about your online profile that we give to every candidate. 


5. Be a Thought Leader 


Salesforce Marketing Automation Jobs


While this phrase can mean different things to different people, the generally accepted term is a highly successful and well-respected individual in your field.  

It was once accepted that only industry veterans could be regarded as thought-leaders, but this perception is changing. With the help of social media and your own personal brand, even relative newbies can show their worth to potential new employers by demonstrating their thought-leader credentials. 

Post regularly on your own blog or LinkedIn about current sector issues, how you are developing yourself, and emerging technologies to position yourself as a thought-leader within your peer group.  

Attend regular seminars and workshops to further your understanding of current marketing automation issues, and be active in online communities. Include a link to your LinkedIn page and your blog (if applicable) on your CV for your recruiter and potential new employers to peruse – they are going to research you anyway, so you might as well help them find you! 



Are you considering a move in your marketing automation career? If you need assistance in your job search, we can help. 

We help CRM, digital and marketing automation candidates find their perfect Salesforce marketing automation jobs. If you’re looking for a more executive positiontake a look at the vacancies we are currently recruiting for. Alternatively, get in contact with us to discuss your job search options, and send us your CV today so that we can start finding you positions that match your goal. 



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