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5 Reasons Why Now Is The Time To Use a Specialist Salesforce Recruiter

According to IDC reports, the Salesforce Ecosystem will create 3.3 million jobs worldwide by 2022.

As companies continue to recognise the importance of using software to manage customer relationships, demand for Salesforce expertise is growing. Today, there are positions available for architects, engineers and consultants alike throughout the Salesforce world.

While the growth of the Salesforce economy means that there are more opportunities out there, choosing the right role is still a challenge. How do you determine which position is best for your career plan; this is where a specialist recruiter comes in.

As specialist Salesforce recruiters, the team at ROD can help. We’ve placed countless candidates into successful Salesforce roles.

Many people assume that they’re getting a specialist recruitment experience when they reach out to a tech-focused company. However, the truth is that tech agencies are still “generalist” in their approach. After all, there are so many different areas of IT and technology to cover.

Just because your generalist IT tech recruiter knows all about artificial intelligence or engineering, doesn’t mean they’re experts in recruiting for Salesforce roles.

However, a specialist Salesforce recruiter knows precisely how the ecosystem works. They know what it takes to find the right position for a Salesforce solution architect or team leader.

Here are 5 reasons why a specialist Salesforce recruiter is an excellent partner for your job search.


1. They’re Experts in the Salesforce Ecosystem



Fact: Specialist Salesforce agencies understand their market better than anyone else.

Often, these companies map the Salesforce market comprehensively, so they know what opportunities are available for specific skills. They’re also the first to know when a new position becomes available for a Salesforce candidate.

As Salesforce experts spend years honing their skills in their chosen segment of the ecosystem, so too do Salesforce recruiters. These recruitment professionals are always up to date with the latest developments in the Salesforce world. They know which jobs are emerging from the creation of new technology, and which opportunities may be available in the future.


2. They Understand the Concept of Salesforce’s “Ohana”

Working in the world of Salesforce isn’t just about developing the right skills. Many of the best employees also thrive because they embody the characteristics that the Salesforce ecosystem teaches. For instance, when you start learning about Salesforce, you not only discover an immersive architecture and CRM system. You also get an introduction to the concept of “Ohana,” and how important it is to work as part of a supportive team.

Salesforce recruitment specialists know how important the right culture is to their candidates. This means that when they’re looking for the right position for you, they go beyond skillset matches. They also look at the working styles and ethics of the employer that you’ll be working for. They can give you an insight into the management style of each company, even individual managers and what it means to your future career development.


3. They Know Your Value



Specialist Salesforce recruitment agencies know how valuable their candidates are. Every member of the Salesforce ecosystem is part of an industry that is worth more than $859 billion in new business revenues.

These recruitment teams work with clients that are specifically seeking Salesforce skills. Today’s companies are beginning to understand how important it is to have the right CRM architects and innovators in their teams. In fact, without the right Salesforce talent, many businesses will struggle to transform digitally.

Because they know your value, and the rate at which the Salesforce space is growing, your recruiter can also negotiate opportunities for you. They can let clients know if the remuneration they’re offering for a role is too low and inform you when you need to ask for higher compensation.


4. They Deliver Greater Reach

Specialist Salesforce recruitment teams are rare. This means that they often have a strong reputation in their industry. Find a recruitment agency that you can rely on, and you’ll also find someone who’s well-affiliated with many of the leading Salesforce consultancies and companies who are primary Salesforce users.

When you’re connected with a specialist Salesforce recruiter, you’ll be able to apply for roles that may not be available to the general market yet as well as discover opportunities that you won’t have found by yourself – perhaps because they’re listed on specialist job boards or that your recruiter
has a depth of market and client knowledge that they can create opportunities for you that currently don’t exist.

What’s more, you’ll hear about each new role as soon as it hits the market. That means that you can get ahead of the competition.


5. They Help with CVs and Interviews



Finally, if you want to stand out in an ever-evolving Salesforce ecosystem, you need the right CV and career strategy. A specialist Salesforce recruitment company can inform you of which parts of your CV are most likely to capture an employer’s attention. They can help you to highlight your most valuable qualities and improve your chances of staying on top of the candidate pile.

Specialist Salesforce recruitment companies give you an excellent insight into what your future interviews might hold. Plus they can teach you how to manage your body language in an interview and deliver comprehensive answers to competency-based questions.

Your Salesforce recruiter will make sure that you have the tools you need to stand out when you’re applying for the ideal role.


Choosing your Salesforce Recruitment Specialist

Remember, not all recruitment specialists will deliver the same quality of service.

Some specialist Salesforce agencies like ROD will be able to deliver better results from your job search, by going above and beyond for every candidate. For instance, we not only hunt for the roles that are most suited to your skills and personality, but we also deliver valuable feedback.

Most recruiters move on and look for the next opportunity. However, ROD ensures that you can learn from every interview experience. We push for feedback from the companies that you apply with so that you can ensure you don’t miss another opportunity.


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