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5 Reasons Why Your In-house Recruiter and a Retained Search Consultant Make a Great Team

In-house recruiters and retained search consultants possess a shared goal – and that goal is to find the right candidate for your organisation. 

When hiring for a vital Salesforce Job such as a Head of Salesforce Delivery or a Salesforce Technical Lead, a two-pronged attack is necessary – a retained search recruiter to work alongside your in-house recruiting team. 

Why is this such an advantageous combination? 

Both parties bring something to the table, which works incredibly well for executive Salesforce roles – let me explain further. 


1. Narrowing Your Search 


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The truth of the matter is that a tech recruiter will have contacts and a network that an organisation’s hiring manager just doesn’t have access to.  

An executive search recruiter will already be in communication with suitable candidates in the Salesforce ecosystem. For executive roles such as Salesforce Technical Lead, where there are only a few hundred possible candidates in the world, it is our job to keep ahead of current and future movements in the Salesforce ecosystem.  


2. Managing Expectations 

In tech recruitment, this can (and does) work both ways. The traditional frustrations of hiring managers – that they can’t find suitable candidates within their desired timeframe – and that of recruiters – that they are given unrealistic briefs to work from – can be overcome when you find the right partnership. 

This way, both parties can manage each others’ expectations and ultimately, produce the best result.  

A common issue we find in Salesforce jobs, SaaS and CRM recruiting is that hiring managers feel as though after exhausting every avenue the candidate they are looking for doesn’t exist. As recruiters, managing HR managers’ expectations, not about what they must ‘give up’ on looking for, but about what they truly need is a big part of the value in our service.  


3. Challenging Bias 


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Fact: the best organisations comprise of a diverse workforce 

Many times, when an in-house recruiter starts the search for a new executive position, they think they know what they are looking for before the search has even begun. Often, they are looking to replace whoever has left the company with a cardboard cut-out of them.  

Bias often occurs in recruiting, often without being spotted or acknowledged – this is called unconscious bias. The harsh truth is that unconscious bias can be damaging to your organisation in the long run, as it results in ‘wrong’ hires being made.  

A retained search recruiter will be able to broaden your horizons. Not only to the different candidates that are available that you might not have otherwise considered, but also to think deeply about what it is your organisation needs to grow and develop. 


4. Time-To-Fill 

Additionally, time-to-fill the role can be a point of contention; a hiring manager will naturally want to fill the position as quickly as possible – particularly for an executive position.  

But is this the best way to recruit? The truth is – not for exec search roles. 

And a dedicated recruiter will be able to coach the in-house recruiter in recognising the importance of the right hire over the ‘right-now’ hire. The value of the retained search service comes from the continual relationship that the recruiter cultivates with the in-house hiring manager. It is not a one-off search; it is an ongoing service which ultimately strengthens your organisation by reducing downtime and always finding the right person for the role. 


5. Common In-house Recruiting Issues 


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ROD’s retained search service exists for one reason – to help in-house recruiters find the talent that they are unable to locate on their own. Here is how a retained search recruiter helps enhance the candidate search –  

  • The fact that your recruiter can work full time on the role is the first bonus. Even for an executive-level hire, it is unrealistic to expect that hiring for this position is the only job on the in-house recruiter’s ‘to-do’ list at that time. 
  • They can dig deeper into the needs of the company and look at things from an outside perspective, which can be incredibly hard for in-house recruiters to do. 
  • Performing the search is a different matter, too. An exec search recruiter performs an active, not a passive search, utilising their wide-reaching network and industry connections to find the rarest of candidates. 

Have you experienced these common issues when hiring for executive Salesforce roles in-house? If so, see below for how we can help. 


Next Steps? 

Due to a skills-shortage in business-critical Salesforce jobs, many companies are facing the same struggle – locating top talent. 

If you need help finding your next Salesforce Technical Lead, or with your in-house recruiting and would like to know more about how Resource on Demand’s retained search service can help, drop me a message here today or call us on 01322 272 532.  


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