//5 Steps to Perfecting Your Hiring Process

5 Steps to Perfecting Your Hiring Process

Research shows that around 46% of new hires at small business’ fail within the first 18 months.  This is due largely in part to the hire not having a strong enough recruitment process to successfully identify the type of person and the skills they need for the business. Other reasons why new hires leave so soon, is that the company did not fulfill their expectations, or there were dissatisfied with the recruitment process.

Since the recruitment process is the first contact that a potential new hire will have with the company, it is important that you create a great impression from the very beginning of the relationship. This is usually where small or start-up businesses can struggle, as they come under very tight time constraints and as a result recruitment takes a back burner to their day jobs.

As a leading cloud recruitment company, we have worked closely with a number of small and start-up businesses, and have helped them to implement a recruitment process that works for them, ensuring that all the hiring people are involved within the process.  If like many companies out there you are wondering where to start then you may wish to download our PDF Hiring Process Cheat Sheet which outlines the 5 important steps to perfecting your hiring process, which includes:

  • Establishing the Need
  • Preparing your Process
  • Interviewing
  • Offering
  • On-boarding

If you would like advice on putting together your hiring process, or would like a salary survey contact one of the ROD team now on rod@resourceondemand.com.

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