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Excelling as A Salesforce Consultant in Your First 30 Days

After extensive training, you finally land your ideal career as a Salesforce consultant.  

Through countless trailhead courses and learning opportunities, you’ve honed your skills and decided which kind of company is most likely to give you the job you want. Now, you’ve got the job offer, and there’s only one thing left to do: convince your employer they made the right decision.  

The work involved with finding your ideal job doesn’t disappear once you’ve got your job offer. For at least 30 days after your employment, your employer will be examining your performance.  

So, how do you make sure you shine? 

Crucial Steps in the First 30 Days 

As a first step, if you haven’t downloaded our complimentary guide on how to excel in your first 30 days, you can download your copy here. 

While your commitment to excelling in your new role should go far beyond the first thirty days of your employment, it’s this initial month that often cements your position in a new space. The steps you take to make the right impact on your employer will usually include: 


1. Clarifying expectations 

First, you’ll need to determine exactly what’s expected from you in this new role. What are the priorities of the company you’re working for, how will your performance be evaluated, and what kind of managerial style do you need to prepare for? Examining your job description will give you a good starting point but be prepared to seek out more clarity when necessary. 


2. Preparing for growth 

Today’s companies are looking for Salesforce professionals who are willing to grow and develop with the organisation. You’ve invested in your Salesforce knowledge up to this point with countless training sessions and courses. Now, think about what your employer is going to need from you going forward. Can you begin working on making yourself more essential to the team immediately? 


3. Becoming a part of the company culture 

Making connections and embedding yourself into the company culture in your new workplace is essential for many reasons. First, it means you know who you can turn to when you need help with anything from a software issue to making a new suggestion on how to improve customer service based on your Salesforce insights. Secondly, becoming a “part of the time” will help you bond with your colleagues and find your place in your new professional ecosystem.  


4. Demonstrating your skills 

The skills you’ll need to demonstrate in your new Salesforce professional will depend on your role. Make sure you’re aware of your responsibilities from day one, and think about how you can make your value really stand out. It’s a good idea to keep company values in mind here. If your new employer values initiative and creativity, perhaps you can showcase your problem-solving skills by suggesting new ways to improve the efficiency of Salesforce tasks.  


5. Listening 

During your first thirty days, your employer will give you more insights into what’s expected of you, as well as how you can improve your work going forward. Take advantage of every opportunity for feedback and try to learn as much as you can about the company. Take all positive and critical insights from your team on board and implement them into your working practices going forward. 

Make the Most of Your First Month 

The first thirty days in a new role can feel like a blur.  

When you’re getting used to new tasks, forming connections with colleagues, and developing a deeper understanding of your new environment, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Having a plan in place for how you will prove your skills and demonstrate your worth during these initial weeks is crucial. Remember: 

  • Plan ahead: From the moment you get the job, do your research into the company, and look for “quick wins” where you can have a significant impact on the business.  
  • Ask questions: Ask your manager what they want to see most from you during your first few weeks, and don’t be afraid to get clarification when you need it. 
  • Be part of the team: Don’t isolate yourself. Even if you’re working remotely as a Salesforce professional, be part of weekly meetings and group chats.  
  • Adapt: Listen, learn, and pay attention to what’s going on around you. As you learn more about the company you work for, adapt your priorities to fit.  
  • Constantly improve: Don’t assume you’re “good enough” because you got the job. Find ways to improve, even if it’s just with a new trailblazer course. 

If you need help achieving the right results in the first 30 days of your new Salesforce role, get help from a specialist recruitment team. ROD knows what it takes for Salesforce staff to thrive in any position, and we can help you make the right impression. You can even download our free guide on how to excel in your first 30 days for a complete step-by-step strategy.  




P.S. As a first step  if you haven’t downloaded our complimentary guide on how to excel in your first 30 days you can download your copy here. 

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