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How to Find Salesforce Employees Who Want to Stay and Grow with Your Company

Demand for experts in the Salesforce ecosystem is growing.  

Analytics companies say there will be up to 3.3 million new jobs requiring Salesforce skills by 2022. As companies rapidly shift towards more digital strategies for sales and customer service, CRM technology like Salesforce give your business the power to delight clients wherever they are. 

While the growing need for Salesforce might be a great thing for employees, it does make life tougher for employers. Now, youre under more pressure to find the best Salesforce talent before your competitors. Plus, once youve hired those must-have team members, you also need to ensure you can retain them.  

Lets look at some of the things you can do to improve your chances of finding candidates that want to stay with your business.  

Step 1: Build Your Employer Brand 

Employer branding is the key to attracting the best talent in any environment.  

To appeal to Salesforce professionals, its best to focus on your position as a tech-savvy employer capable of offering access to all the latest tools to your team. Your staff members need to know that youre willing to let them experiment with Salesforce and innovate with your processes.  

Ask yourself how you want your new employees to see your business. Do you want to be the pioneering employer offering Salesforce staff chances to work with A.I. and big data? Are you a flexible leader, ready to offer hybrid and remote working experiences? 

When building your employer brand, dont forget to choose an EVP or Employee Value Proposition. According to Gartner, your EVP should showcase: 

  • Opportunity (for career development and growth) 
  • People (the likeminded people your team will work with) 
  • Organisational values (what your company stands for) 
  • Work experiences (work/life balance and opportunities) 
  • Rewards (Benefits, leave allowance, and compensation).  

Step 2: Build an Effective Onboarding Experience 

Your employer brand and EVP will help to attract salesforce employees. Once youve found those team members, the next step is introducing them to your company in the right way. For a Salesforce staff member, the onboarding process will be a chance to discover which parts of Salesforce your company uses and what goals you want to achieve.  

A good onboarding experience is also a chance to introduce your staff member to your new manager. Good leadership is critical in growing and engaging staff. With that in mind, set up an introduction to the manager your employee will be working with.  

During this initial meeting, managers can discuss the business’s values and align with the employees’ goals and expectations. This is also a great time to plan some long-term strategies for success. For instance, what do your employees want to accomplish in the next 5 to 10 years, and how will you help them get there? 

Step 3: Build a Culture That Includes Remote Workers 

Company culture is still an essential part of retaining your staff members. The culture in your organisation will cover everything from the hierarchy of team members to how people communicate on a day-to-day basis. Now that the world is turning more towards hybrid work, with both in-office and remote employees, its important to rethink culture.  

Salesforce employees are often in an excellent position to work remotely. These team members are comfortable using technology to reach their goals, and they can collaborate well over video and online chat. Salesforce staff are often more likely to be drawn to more flexible working schedules, allowing them to operate from different environments 

If your top salesforce talent wants to work remotely, make sure they have all the tools and resources they need to do so. Additionally, ensure your company culture encourages regular conversations with all members of the team. Remote employees shouldnt feel like second-hand citizens because you dont see them as often. Focus on keeping everyone updated, informed, and inspired. 

Step 4: Deliver Opportunities for Growth  

Salesforce is a constantly evolving ecosystem because the customer experience world is always changing. Therefore, employees versed in Salesforce are more likely to be looking for highly agile roles that allow them to learn, evolve, and develop.  

Keep tech staff engaged by challenging them with new tasks or giving them the opportunity to learn new things. You can offer all kinds of learning opportunities to Salesforce employees through things like Trailhead, which is Salesforces solution for teaching new skills.  

Salesforce also offers a wide range of certifications and learning experiences if you want to teach your team specific new skills. Offering training opportunities allows your employees to achieve their personal and professional goals. It also means you can leverage new talents to enhance your customer service strategies. 

Step 5: Salesforce Recruiters and Referral Programs 

Want to bring even more Salesforce and Tech enthusiasts onto your team in the years ahead? There are few better ways to build your employer brand as one recognised as an organisation to join than having current employees vouch for you through your marketing, referral programmes and your recruiting partner. 

Working with a Salesforce recruiting partner and encouraging internal referrals are your two best options when it comes to developing your talent pipeline in such a high growth sector. 

Though referrals from an employee are useful, its important that they understand the culture, role and what you want from a new hire  not something that your employees always understand. 

On the other hand, an experienced Salesforce recruiter can dip into a much larger pool of talent rather than a handful of personal connections and will take time to understand the bigger picture of where your organisation is heading.  

Finally, something critical to consider. 

Support and Empower Your Team 

Attracting valuable Salesforce professionals to your team is only the first part of the challenge that employers face today. Once youve found the ideal staff member, the next step is making sure you convince them to stick around. Foster and reward employee development and remember to give your Salesforce team plenty of positive feedback when delivering the right results.  

Create a culture to motivate and inspire team members wherever they are and equip your teams for success by building a practical onboarding experience with plans for ongoing training.  

If you invest in your Salesforce team, theyll reward you with loyalty, commitment, and results. 




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