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Growth in the salesforce.com ecosystem

The salesforce.com UK partner community has been rapidly growing over the last 2 years.

An essential part of the salesforce.com ecosystem, the early adopter partners for salesforce.com consisted of a hand full of large high profile consulting giants with a smattering of niche and specialised individuals. As the salesforce.com marketplace began to take hold and become established as THE platform for cloud computing, through the latter stages of 2008 and 2009 the partner community expanded three fold in quantity, with a broad range of new partners across the spectrum from small start ups, to prominent middle sized consulting players as well as giants such as BT getting involved.

Now that salesforce.com and cloud computing marketplace seems to be exploding through early 2010 there seems to be new partners popping up almost weekly.

This is very healthy for customers, for salesforce.com and for the partners themselves as variety and choice for customers becomes wider.

2010 is surely set to be a great year for the salesforce.com partners and ROD is keen to support both salesforce.com, customers and the partners in making 2010 the best year yet for the ecosystem.

What do you think the future holds for the ecosystem and will the number of partners continue to grow at this rate?

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