//Hiring Salesforce Leaders for the Next Stage of Your Growth

Hiring Salesforce Leaders for the Next Stage of Your Growth

The demand for Salesforce talent is greater than ever in a world where companies are eager to onboard professionals capable of navigating the digital world.  

According to the Salesforce Talent Ecosystem report, while global talent demand has increased by 364%, supply increased only 23% in 2021. While attracting Salesforce talent can be complex, the issue grows even more challenging when hiring leaders. 

Your Salesforce leaders are responsible not just for transforming your digital CX strategy but also for motivating, inspiring, and guiding the rest of your team. Around 75% of employees who leave their jobs say they do so because of poor leadership. Fail to bring the right managers and leaders on board, and you could find your entire Salesforce talent strategy suffers.  

Here are some key steps you’ll need to take when hiring Salesforce leaders for your business or consultancy. 

Step 1: Identify Key Leadership Characteristics 



The first step in hiring effective Salesforce leaders is understanding what you need from your managers, supervisors, and C-level executives. While a strong knowledge of the Salesforce ecosystem is an obvious requirement, it’s not just the technical skills of your employees you need to be aware of. Your staff’s soft skills will also play a huge role in your company culture. 

As the workplace continues to evolve, your Salesforce leaders’ characteristics will help attract and retain other critical staff members, protecting you from the “Great Resignation”. Some of the most important characteristics to prioritise include: 

  • Empathy and emotional intelligence: Research shows that “empathy” is one of the most important leadership skills for virtually any industry.
    Employees want leaders who can listen to their needs, respond to their concerns, and understand their expectations. A leader capable of emotionally connecting with staff is crucial, particularly in the digital age.   
  • Adaptability: Salesforce leaders are responsible for navigating an ever-changing and unique environment. They need to be able to adapt to the arrival of new technology features and customer trends. Look for professionals committed to developing strong “learning-based” cultures within the workplace.
  • Influence and motivational skills: Great Salesforce leaders should be able to inspire and navigate the rest of their team. They need to be excellent at sharing ideas with their colleagues and keeping people on the same page.  

In the changing workplace, it’s also worth looking for a professional with strong digital communication skills. Your Salesforce leaders may need to be able to work alongside employees working remotely and in hybrid environments. 

Step 2: Update Your Employee Value Proposition to Attract Leaders 



Once you’ve identified the characteristics you need from your Salesforce leaders, the next step is adapting your EVP to make your business more attractive to the right talent. Today’s Salesforce superstars have endless options regarding where they can work. With digital skills gaps on the rise, you’ll compete with many other employers.  

Working on your employer brand means developing your online and offline identity to ensure you can connect with the right staff members wherever they are. 72% of recruitment leaders agree an effective employer brand is crucial for hiring success.  

To strengthen your employer brand and attract more leadership professionals, build on characteristics likely to be crucial to Salesforce superstars, such as: 

  • Technical innovation: Salesforce leaders often want to leverage the latest tools and features from the Salesforce ecosystem. A strong focus on technological development will help you to appeal to the right digitally native talent.  
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Ensure you’re committed to building a diverse and inclusive workforce for all staff members. This will help you attract empathetic leaders who share your company’s values.  
  • Company culture: Concentrate on developing an appealing company culture committed to looking after your Salesforce stars. You can provide insights into your culture by sharing stories on your website and social media.  

Step 3: Enhance Your Job Offers to Appeal to Salesforce Leaders 



While a good company culture and employer brand will help you to attract the best leaders in the Salesforce landscape, you’ll still need to develop a job offer which differentiates you from the competition. Today’s Salesforce specialists aren’t just looking for excellent remuneration opportunities; they also want their employers to offer things like: 

  • Flexibility: Diverse schedules and workplace opportunities are increasingly crucial to Salesforce leaders. Offering remote and hybrid working opportunities or even a four-day work week can make your roles more attractive.  
  • Development opportunities: Salesforce leaders know they need to constantly upskill and expand their horizons to keep pace with the technology landscape. Ensure you offer a range of options for learning and education to every employee.  
  • Wellbeing: As mentioned above, every employee is now looking for a working environment capable of showing more empathy and respect for staff members. Committing to strategies to boost employee wellbeing for people throughout the company will help you to connect with your hires on a deeper level and improve retention. 

If you’re unsure what kind of benefits and offers your Salesforce leaders are likely to be looking for, consider speaking to a recruitment expert about the trends in the market. 

Step 4: Improve Your Recruitment Strategy 

As the quest for the ideal Salesforce leader becomes more complex, today’s businesses may need to rethink their hiring strategy. It’s not enough to post job listings on industry boards anymore. Companies searching for the right talent need to think carefully about how they can position themselves as the best option for their candidates.  

Working with a professional recruitment agency with experience in finding Salesforce stars will ensure you can attract the widest range of talent. Your professional agency will be able to improve the diversity of your hiring options, offering you opportunities to connect with talent both in the physical world and online.  

They’ll assist you in attracting passive candidates, which account for about 70% of the world’s talent today. A good recruiter will also give you the support you need to build a talent pipeline for your leaders, so you can quickly fill any gaps as they emerge in your company. 




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