//How the Cloud Changed the World’s Oldest Newspaper

How the Cloud Changed the World’s Oldest Newspaper

Computer World recently published a very insightful article by Bernard Golden, regarding how The Daily Telegraph embraced Cloud Technology to cut costs but also to increase the offering that they provide to their readers. He writes:

The most fascinating presentation of the event was by Toby Wright, CTO of the Telegraph Media Group, publisher of the Daily Telegraph, the oldest continuously publishing newspaper in the world. Wright presented a cloud adoption strategy that was compelling, to say the least.

Daily Telegraph Cloud Graphic

As background, it’s no secret that the newspaper business is in a terrible state. My local paper, the San Francisco Chronicle, suffered something like a 30% drop in circulation over the past five years. The Telegraph is also suffering a continuous shrinkage in circulation as well. So when Wright took over responsibility for IT, his first task was cost-cutting. His next was changing the way IT works at the Telegraph, and cloud computing is a central part of that process.

I was struck by how much the Telegraph is “living the cloud vision.” While other companies are performing cloud strategy assessments or implementing pilot experiments, the Telegraph is moving headlong into an asset-lite, cloud computing future.

To read more of this article, head over to Computer World.

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