//How to Hang on to Your Tech Talent This Year

How to Hang on to Your Tech Talent This Year

Getting the right talent for your tech role is just half of the battle.  

The other half of the process involves keeping the best people on your team for as long as possible. Stack Overflow studies suggest that there’s currently only one developer for every five vacancies globally, and the demand for tech skills is growing.  

Although skill shortages and poor retention is a problem in every industry, research from LinkedIn suggests that it’s particularly problematic in tech. The technology industry has one of the highest turnover rates at 13.2%, compared to the industry standard of 10.9%.  

So, once you’ve found the ideal employee with Resource on Demand, how do you hold on to them? 


Step 1: Start with Company Culture 



One of the easiest ways to retain technology talent is to create a great working environment. Company culture is vital in the modern world. It ensures that your people feel comfortable and supported at work. This means that they’re less likely to burn out or search for bettersuited source of employment elsewhere.  

Developing the ideal company culture is all about showing your employees that you have the best opportunities to offer them. Show them that they’re not just a faceless cog in a machine. Ensure that each employee knows the impact that they’re making on your business. Demonstrate respect by asking for their feedback and listening to their needs.  

Additionally, remember to promote a culture of innovation by encouraging out-of-the-box thinking. If people know that their ideas won’t be shut down, they’re more likely to act creatively, which is excellent for today’s tech teams. 


Step 2: Make Sure the Work Is Interesting 

There are many different components involved in building an attractive company culture. On the one hand, your team needs to feel supported and respected. On the other, they also need to know that they’re putting their skills to good use. Research shows that an “inspiring” and “industry” leading technology environment is crucial to 63.4% of candidates. The same study shows that 51.6% of employees appreciate the opportunity to work on exciting projects. 

Technology staff loves staying on the cutting edge of the market. Ensure that you’re giving them a chance to expand their knowledge and skills with immersive tasks that allow them to use the latest tools and strategies.  

During your initial induction plans, ask each team member what they’d love to do most in their role, then look for ways to delegate the tasks they appreciate to them. This will help people to reach their true potential and keep your team happy too!  


Step 3: Offer Opportunities to Learn and Grow



Speaking of your employees’ potential, technical people need constant training and education to stay ahead of the curve. Today’s digital world is moving at break-neck speed. Whether it’s a new Salesforce certification or tickets to a data analytics event, opportunities to learn are one of the most valuable things you can give your staff members.  

Don’t just focus on renewing your team’s existing skills with updated training courses, however. Remember that tech professionals love an opportunity to work on new concepts and explore innovative tools. Upskilling your talent with lessons on disruptive things like Blockchain and AI is a great way to keep them engaged.  

Many big tech companies provide their people with some “personal training” days a year that they can use to improve skills that aren’t directly related to their role. This will delight your teams, and give you access to knowledge that can benefit your business.  


Step 4: Provide Competitive Remuneration & Benefits 

The demand for qualified tech professionals is high. In areas like data analytics, cloud computing and more, it’s difficult to find the people you need. A competitive salary will retain tech talent and prevent them from seeking better packages elsewhere.  

According to CIO, 50% of IT professionals start looking for new employment opportunities because of poor compensation. A good salary will show that you understand and respect your employee’s talents.  

Additionally, remember that salary isn’t the only thing on an employee’s mind today. They also need work/life balance. Long hours are common in the IT and technology world. Make sure that you’re not overwhelming your valued staff members with more responsibilities that they can handle. Flexible working is a great way to attract tech talent that can complete tasks from a distance. Ask your employees what kind of perks they’d like to see to unlock potential motivators for your team.  



Step 5: Work on Your Employer Brand

An employer brand isn’t just a useful way to attract tech talent to your organisationThe right brand differentiates you from your competitors. However, it also acts as a source of pride for your employees. 9 out of 10 candidates say that they would apply for a job with a business with a well-maintained employer brand. What’s more, employee turnover can be reduced by up to 28% by investing in employer branding 

Building your brand is easier than it seems. It’s all about showing the benefits that you can deliver to candidates in everything you do. Consider: 

  • Developing your online presence with thought-leadership blogs and case studies.  
  • Asking your employees to post on social media and forums about their experience with your business.   
  • Working with a specialist recruitment team like Resource on Demand to improve and accelerate the hiring process. 


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