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How Using Retained Executive Search Can Reduce Commercial Downtime During Your Recruitment Process

It is a shocking fact that poor recruiting decisions are made every day across the UK and the globe. 

As Peter Cappelli stated in Harvard Business Review May-June 2019 – Businesses have never done as much hiring as they do today. They’ve never spent as much money doing it. And they’ve never done a worse job of it.”  

So how can working with a recruiter alleviate some of the pressure businesses face in the quest the hire the best talent? 

Our experience tells us that using a retained executive search service can drastically reduce commercial downtime in your organisation when you are going through a time when you are missing a critical team member. First, let’s take a look at what exactly is ‘commercial downtime’.  


What is Commercial Downtime? 

Commercial downtime is any time when your team members are not working to meet their full potential, and this can happen for several reasons.  

The number one reason for commercial downtime is one, or more, vacancies in your organisation. Team vacancies lead to commercial downtime, and commercial downtime leads to lower productivity. Put simply; you lose revenue (and no business owner wants this). 

Commercial downtime can be caused by other factors such as inadequate operating systems, low morale, and during a time where your organisation is going through a period of change or restructuring. 

As a business owner, you implicitly know when your organisation is operating as it should, with every team member in place and working to their full potential – this is the situation that is compromised by commercial downtime. 

Periods of being understaffed are a fact of life for many tech businesses, and with a proficient team, it can seem as though everyone is coping well in covering the extra workload. However, under the surface, there will be negative consequences, such as higher levels of stress, increased errors and a build-up of resentment between employees.  


Why Missing a Critical Team Member Can Be So Damaging 

Recruiting is an incredibly complex process; more sophisticated perhaps than you might think. In today’s skills-short job market, many of the best potential candidates are ‘passive’, meaning that only a specialist tech recruiter like ROD will have access to them. 

The detail involved in finding the right candidate for your Salesforce or digital automation business is more involved than simply posting a job advert online and seeing who applies. ROD’s retained executive search service is an extension of the high-quality executive search that we have always offered, which includes nine in-depth stages. 

The danger of overlooking the intricacies of the recruiting process has the potential to harm your business. Likewise, when you get the recruiting process right, it adds real value. 

There are many different factors to consider when recruiting a new team member, from Salesforce administrators to data architects. Why? The cost of hiring the wrong candidate might be far higher than you think, and even the shortest period of employee shortfall can initiate commercial downtime. 


How Can Executive Retained Search Reduce Commercial Downtime?  

We understand that recruiting takes time, time which could be better spent working towards the goals of your business. 

By using an executive retained search process, this will eliminate the amount of time spent on an inhouse recruiting process, and in turn, reduces commercial downtime.  

For example, at Resource On Demand, our executive retained search service provides your organisation with a recruiting process throughout the year, not just when an unexpected vacancy arises.  

Knowing the specific needs of your business and having a close relationship with our partners allows us to seamlessly place the right candidates into your organisation when the time comes. 

We know that it is beneficial for businesses to have a contingency in place, such as an executive retained search with a recruiter, as this dramatically reduces the amount of commercial downtime for your organisation.  

Speed is vital when it comes to recruiting, and much of the time spent attracting new hires come at the beginning of the standard recruitment process when a company shifts into ‘hiring mode’.  

It would help if you aimed to replace a lost team member with their successor in the shortest time possible, and in our experience, using an executive retained search service is one of the best ways to do this.  


How ROD’s Executive Retained Search Service Works 

To ensure you never experience the moment of panic when one of your top employees gives notice of their resignation, partner with ROD and our executive retained search service. 

For a retainer fee, we work to ensure we have candidates in mind who are aligned with your company. By producing only the candidates we know will add value to your business, we reduce the amount of downtime in your business threefold- 

  • We reduce the amount of time you spend understaffed and thus, producing a limited quality of work. 
  • We reduce the amount of time you spend looking for a replacement hire. 
  • We decrease the risk of your organisation, making the wrong hire, or hiring out of necessity, as we will ensure that our candidate is aligned with your business and values. 

If you think it is time for your business to start utilising executive retained search, contact us today and let’s start the conversation which could change your organisation for the better.  


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