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How Executive Retained Search Works

In today’s evolving technology industry, your executive level employees are crucial to success.  

From Salesforce Technical leads to project managers, these high-level employees drive growth and transformation for your company.  

Up until now, you may have relied on your talent pipeline or the insights of a contingency recruitment team for assistance. However, maybe it’s time to try a different strategy.  

When you retain an executive search service, like the one available from ROD, you develop an ongoing relationship with your recruitment team. We become your eyes and ears in the technology marketplace, and the initial point of contact in your quest to acquire the right talent both now, and in the future.  

Working more closely with your recruitment partner means that you’ll always be ready to find the best person for the role, whenever an executive position opens up. 

Executive Retained Search vs Executive Search  

On the surface, executive retained search and executive search are very similar.  

Any recruitment company dedicated to finding high-level employees for your team will have a focused strategy in place for filtering through talent and discovering the right fit for you. 

The difference is in the depth of the relationship you have with your recruitment company and the consult you will work closely with. 

When you work with an executive search firm on a specific assignment, you’ll be hiring someone to find you a specific ‘matched’ individual for your senior role. 

Executive recruiters use their vast knowledge of the market to track down candidate skills that match the requirements of your business. These companies can also assist with interviewing and negotiations too.  

Retaining an executive search firm means that you launch a partnership that’s less about filling a single gap in your team, and more about making sure you always have the right talent on-board. A retained executive search service is purchased on retainer and comes with an exclusive contract for your organisation.  

For a monthly fee, retained companies consistently watch for the top tech talent in the field, and make sure that your business is always ahead of the competition when capturing the attention of high performing individuals your organisation needs.  

For instance, if Resource on Demand provides you with a retained executive search experience, we’ll always be looking for the best people that align with your business. Even if you don’t have a role available when we find an incredible candidate, we nurture the relationship with that individual over time so when the opportunity arises to join your organisation they are already predisposed to working with you. 

 How Executive Retained Search Works: The Research  

Retaining an executive search service means having a partner in the market all of the time, searching for the right candidates to empower and grow your team.  

For a company like ROD to deliver the best people to your organisation, we need to know everything about your brand, your values, and the roles you may want to fill going forward.  

That’s why the retained relationship begins with a meeting between you and the recruitment group you’re working with. This conversation might include members of your senior team, your hiring manager, and relevant stakeholders in the business.  

During our initial conversation, we’ll discuss everything you want to accomplish with your retained executive search service, including the talents, skills, and attitudes that are critical to your team. We’ll do a deep dive into your corporate culture and management style so we can get a feel for the people who will fit well with you.  

Creating Position Profiles  

Through in-depth conversations with your company, the recruitment company you work with will begin to develop something called a “Position Profile. This is a roadmap for the executive search that highlights everything you’re looking for in recruitment.  

You may end up with multiple position profiles depending on how many roles you want to fill, both now and in the future. It’s even possible to share these documents with candidates so that they can get a better idea of what your business needs in terms of attitude and skills.  

Guided by profiles such as these your recruitment search partner will begin to identify potential candidates for your team, often leveraging a worldwide network of sources.  

During this process, your search company will stay in touch with you, informing you of market feedback, search status updates, and industry trends 

Building your Talent Pipeline 

Because a retained company has learned everything they need to know about your business, they’ll be able to track down the people with the leadership skills and talent to guide your organisation.  

When you retain a recruitment team like ROD, we’ll be able to locate critical people in the sector and persuade them to have conversations with you, even if they’re not actively looking to change their roles.  We can also help you to find a more diverse range of potential employees, seeking out new skills in the technology industry to get you ahead of the competition.  

Once your retained executive search team finds a highly refined group of people for your business, they will screen them carefully, checking out their references, contacting relevant people, and verifying academic credentials.  

Conducting Candidate Interviews 

As your retained company gets to know the leading candidates in the industry, they’ll be able to compile brief reports of each person, which they can present to you and your team. From there, you’ll be able to choose which talent is most important to you at this point, and which people you might like to interview for future positions.  

Search consultants can often conduct deep-dive interviews on your behalf, evaluating the candidate against the original profiles designed in discussions with your senior team. Sometimes these interviews are held in person, or they may also be a video or phone calls.  

Once you have enough information to speak to the candidate yourself, you can decide how you want to move forward with your new relationship. Maybe you want to open a new position for a great potential employee, or just keep in contact while you wait for a role to open up.  

Supporting your Continued Business Growth 

With a contingency executive search team, your relationship would end after the gap in your staff is filled. However, when you retain the services of your recruitment company, the partnership can continue for as long as you need it to 

This means that your recruitment group can assist with onboarding your new hires and finding additional talent to add to your pipeline over an extended period. In discussions with your team, companies offering retained executive search can also discuss the potential future needs of your business, based on the changing trends in the marketplace. 

For instance, have you thought about how you’re going to respond to the continued growth of the Salesforce economyAlternatively, if you want to get ahead with digital automation?  

A retained service gives you everything you need to keep moving forwards and upwards when it comes to talent acquisition. It’s not just about hiring one person at a time, but ensuring you have the right talent pool available to facilitate your continued growth.  


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