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It’s okay to be flashy, Gordon!

As the volume of data continues to rise at a phenomenal rate, so IT departments are coming under new pressure. Specifically, how to keep customers happy, whilst maintaining employee productivity, and boosting application performance.

ServersOrdinarily we would have looked to highly-tuned hard disk drives to solve our problems, but today there is possibly a better solution on the block, flash.

So, how can we utilise flash, to ensure we are maximizing its potential without having to throw a big budget at the solution. Companies relying heavily on IT, may do well to consider server-side flash or flash arrays, in order to improve application response times.

They may also wish to consider how to enhance their current potential, by combining hybrid arrays with their current hard disk drives in a single rack. Providers like EMC, recently paraded their newly updated toy, VNX hybrid storage array, which they say offers fast flash storage incorporated with disk storage when needed, allowing organisations to effectively manage unpredictable data and information spikes.

Earlier this year, IBM also announced their FlashSystem. A line of all-Flash storage appliances, to help push flash technology at enterprises as a way to tackle the increasing challenges of Big Data. No matter what your current performance enhancements are, you may wish to consider implementing some flash, on your next system upgrade.