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The 3 Big Career Mistakes Salesforce Candidates Make

After being named as the UK’s best place to work earlier this year, it is understandable that Salesforce roles are in high demand.  

The Salesforce career path lends itself to a vast array of different possibilities; anyone with a background in software, data analysis, sales, consultancy (plus many more) can break into this lucrative career path, but what is the best way to do so? 

Salesforce has a range of qualifications that prospective Salesforce candidates can achieve to increase their Salesforce prospects, but what are some of the main mistakes we see people who are trying to break into, or progress within Salesforce make? 

In this article, I will talk you through the three main errors I see that might be hampering Salesforce candidates from getting their dream Salesforce role. Starting with… 


Not Earning Your Trails and Certifications 

Trails are awards offered by Trailhead, the Salesforce training platform which proves that a candidate is proficient in a specific Salesforce area. 

They are invaluable to you in building your Salesforce career. I don’t know of any other software developing company who has such an insightful, helpful and easy way to train up candidates, so my advice is to take advantage of it. 

Once you have mastered your trails, the next step is getting certified. From a consultant, you can become a ‘Salesforce Certified Cloud Consultant’, data architects become ‘Certified Technical Architects’. These certifications are a great addition to your Salesforce CV and make you much more attractive to Salesforce hiring managers. 

While earning your trails and thinking about your certifications is something that you should be mindful of, this brings me on to my next point… 


Trying to Learn Everything About Salesforce 

When I started out recruiting for Salesforce back in 2008, there were far fewer roles than there are now and the term ‘architect’ meant something different to what it does now!  

In the last few years or so, since Salesforce has become the biggest CRM tool out there, the amount of roles has become astronomical! When I first started, there were people whom you could describe as ‘Salesforce experts’ – these don’t exist anymore.  

In my recent podcast with Salesforce legend Gemma Emmet, she touched upon this subject. Despite being there from the very early days of Salesforce in the UK and holding many prestigious roles, even she admits that there are now too many Salesforce qualifications and proficiencies for her to keep track of. 

My advice to combat this is to find what area of Salesforce you love and focus on it. If you’re a data administrator who loves data, don’t be tempted into moving towards customer-facing data roles; stay behind the scenes and earn your coding trails.  

Trailhead currently offers 151 different proficiencies – don’t be tempted to spread yourself too thinly across too many areas.  


Failing to Network 

As well as the immense pleasure I get from placing great Salesforce candidates in jobs they truly love, one of the primary sources of enjoyment that myself and the ROD team get from working with Salesforce candidates is the excellent sense of community that Salesforce UK has. 

As we have mentioned before on our blog, the Salesforce community is not just a great place to meet employment connections; it is a great place to learn, too. 

The Salesforce candidates that we work with all say the same thing about working in this industry – it is a place where the learning never stops. 

There is always a new piece of software in development, a new project in the pipeline, new clients to onboard – and all of these come with their challenges.  

The Salesforce community is populated with forward-thinking individuals who have a wealth of technical expertise. If you have come up against a recent problem in your CRM programme, there is a good chance that someone will have come up against the same problem, and being part of the same ‘Ohana’, there is always the ethos of help and support for one another. 

Likewise, great Salesforce teams and MVP’s are always on the lookout for hungry Salesforce candidates – you have to put yourself out there. 


How Resource On Demand Can Help 

If you have been in Salesforce for years and are searching for your next challenge, or if you are looking for your first Salesforce role, ROD can help. 

Since our inception as the first dedicated Salesforce recruiter in Europe, we have helped countless candidates like you into Salesforce roles. We have an established Salesforce network, so if you are finding it hard to break into the area that you want, or are looking for advice on how to begin your Salesforce career, get in touch with us today – we can help. 


About Resource On Demand 

Resource On Demand is Europe’s first specialist Salesforce Recruitment Company, now also focusing on growth Cloud markets.   

We assist innovative and disruptive organisations to grow their technology teams. Supporting companies to fill Cloud roles that span across Digital Marketing, Marketing Automation, Human Capital Management and the growing Salesforce.com suite of skills.  

The team at Resource On Demand have access to an extensive database of key talent, registering over 8000 Cloud professionals each year.   

To find out how we can support you call us on 01322 272 532  

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