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The Key Differences Between Retained Executive Search and Contingency Recruitment

Our blog posts are usually centred around the world of Salesforce, digital automation and CRM trends but today I thought I’d share with you something a little different. 

I’m going to talk about recruitment for Salesforce. Specifically, the different types of recruitment models that are out there. It’s something that, because it’s always changing, must be defined for both the client and the candidate so they know exactly what is involved in the service they receive.   

Some recruiters are reluctant to nail their allegiances to one niche, or the type of recruiting they undertake, but here at Resource on Demand, our definitive boundaries with the sectors we serve and our clearly defined recruitment process mean that we can deliver precisely to our clients and candidates the type of service they really need. 

Retained executive search is gaining momentum in the world of Salesforce recruiting, the reasons for this I will go through a little later in this article, but first, let’s talk about contingency recruiting; how does contingency recruiting work in the tech sphere, and what are its benefits and limits? 


Contingency Recruitment for Salesforce Ecosystem

While ROD is known first and foremost for our Salesforce expertise, we also recruit for other CRM and HCM roles such as Marketo. Being there at the start of the CRM explosion has provided us with a great deal of knowledge about this sector, which we put to good use in matching candidates with jobs. 

Like other recruitment companies, we have a dedicated team of consultants who work tirelessly on our contingency contracts (you can meet them here! 

Our contingency service involves matching specific jobs for candidates and specific candidates for clients. Because we’ve got so much industry experience, our contingency service is still highly tailored, and we are proud to say that we’re different in this respect from recruiters who ‘cast the net’ to a wide range of sectors, clients and candidates. 


The Benefits of Contingency Recruitment  

Contingency recruiting in the Salesforce ecosystem is even different from contingency recruiting in other sectors. Because the ecosystem of candidates is so community-based, there is much less ‘chance’ involved in our recruiting than in other types of contingency recruiting – we build long-standing relationships with our candidates, and it is quite common for us to help place them in roles at every stage of their career. 

Likewise, our Salesforce partners, be it end-users or consultancies rely on us to find them the right candidate, and our success in being able to do so means they continue to work with us over periods of many years. You can check out some of our previous success stories from our client partners to get a feel of the level of service we provide here 


Limits of Contingency Recruitment for Salesforce Roles 

Contingency recruitment is fine for a certain level of roles – our Marketing Consultant, Salesforce Administrator and campaign specialist candidates are all usually found and placed using a contingency search, but one drawback is that it isn’t suitable for every position. 

Additionally, contingency recruiting is non-exclusive, meaning that the names of the candidates and the client are released into the public domain – this is not ideal if you have a high-profile role, or you wish to keep your job search out of the public eye. 

While there are many times when a contingency contract is sufficient, however, for some roles, a much deeper level of search is required – and for this, we offer retained executive search. 


Retained Executive Search 

After some time recruiting Salesforce talent, I came to the realisation that some of our client’s needs were, shall we say, ‘special’. 

The CTOs, the CIOs that Salesforce end-users and consultancies were asking me to look for required a much more detailed, in-depth and lengthy search – the retained executive search. 

This service is a lifesaver for many businesses who benefit hugely from the candidates they receive when a retained exec search has been carried out. For an increased fee, the executive search delivers you the candidate that will add considerably to your bottom line.  

Sometimes companies are hesitant about working with a recruiter, over concerns about the ROI involved. But what business owners should remember is that your biggest ROI lies in retained executive search. 

A five-figure executive search fee has the potential to return you a seven-figure addition to your bottom line; this is very often the case for my retained exec clients.  

Furthermore, our retained search continues to deliver on its ROI in the relationship that we build with your company. As we gain momentum operating as an extension of your business, instead of the one-off basis on which contingency operates, we anticipate both your organisational needs and the candidates we are going to work with to fulfil them. 



Recruitment for SalesforceI get quite a lot of questions about the difference between our contingency and our retained executive search, so I hope this article has cleared up any confusion over these two very different recruiting models that we offer.  

Each model absolutely has its own place within the world of Salesforce recruiting; it’s just a matter of discovering which one is more appropriate for your needs.  

I mentioned earlier that there has been an increase in the demand for retained executive search recruiting in the Salesforce sphere – why is this? 

It’s simple, really – the number of new Salesforce roles each year is growing faster than there is skilled talent to fill themThis is why, when a company needs a Chief Information Officer, a Chief Technology Officer, or another vital executive role; retained executive search is the only way. 


About Resource On Demand 

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