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What Makes a Great Big Data Insights Engineer?

In a world where data is the most valuable asset a company can have, data-based roles are becoming increasingly crucial. Through things like analytics and engineering, companies can take advantage of the enormous amounts of information they collect each day using CRM systems like Salesforce, and messaging apps.

A data insights engineer is a crucial part of your development team because they take the information that you gather to the next level. While a data scientist might collect and analyse data, your engineer conceives, develops, and maintains the infrastructure that holds your analytics strategy together.

As we move into an age of rapid technological change and transformation, companies need candidates with data insights engineer skills that can support new and emerging technologies. But, how do you know if an applicant is right for you? As specialists in technology recruitment, Resource on Demand is here to help.

Here’s what to look for in your candidates.


1. A Background in Computer Science and Business



When writing your data engineer job descriptions, you may be tempted to ask for skills exclusively in data management. Successful insights engineers often have a background in engineering, computer science, and other IT fields, and they usually have experience with tools like:

  • Hadoop and Spark
  • Data pipeline/workflow tools
  • Relational NoSQL and SQL databases
  • Object scripting languages (Python, Java, )
  • Stream-processing systems

While these big data engineer skills are critical, remember to look for other experiences too. For instance, the best engineers need to understand how your data works, and how your business operates as part of a bigger picture strategy. A history in business development or cloud infrastructure setup is usually very valuable.


2. Confidence Working with Data

Successful insights engineers in the Big Data ecosystem know how to navigate the landscape to accomplish a variety of different goals. A data engineer job, particularly in a technology start-up or smaller company, often involves a combination of high-level skills like:

  • Data analytics: In addition to processing data, some engineers will work together with analysts to use specialist techniques like statistical analysis and machine learning.
  • Data warehousing: Data engineers need to be familiar with putting information into and taking information out of large data stores.
  • Data Transformation: Often, employees worthy of the best big data insights engineer salary will know how to transform data so it can be appropriately managed and analysed, this means that they need to be familiar with ETL and scripting strategies.
  • Data collection: Don’t underestimate basic data engineer skills, like knowing how to extract details from a database, or using APIs.


3. Excellent Problem Solving



When planning your data insights engineer interview questions, remember that the ideal candidates will be the ones that know how to find problems and solve them. Effective engineers take ownership of issues in the information pipeline and collaborate with other employees to find solutions.

Data engineers are self-motivated problem-solvers with excellent time-keeping skills and a commitment to keeping your architecture running smoothly. During your competency-based interviews, check your candidate’s problem-solving skills with questions like: “Tell us about a time when you used your skills to overcome a problem with data collection in the business.”


4. Commitment to Constant Learning

Another thing to remember when you’re writing your data engineer description is that the right candidate must be committed to constant learning. Data insights engineers face endless new challenges every day, so a general curiosity and passion for education are crucial.

The fast-paced nature of the technology world means that data engineers will need to frequently enrol in new courses, learn from mentors, and find out more about the analytics environment if they want to stay ahead of the curve.

Make sure you look for someone to fill your data insights engineer job that’s willing to go above and beyond to solve issues for your company. You can even discuss a candidate’s plans for long-term development in the interview or induction process.


5. Strong Teamwork & Communication Skills



Finally, the most effective big data insights engineers often find themselves working with a wide variety of staff members every day, including analysts, data scientists, and even CRM consultants. With that in mind, it’s essential for the person you hire to have the right teamwork and communication skills.

When you’re searching for the right employee, go beyond looking at the programming languages that they know like Python or SQL, and ask them to show you that they can speak the language of their colleagues. A good data insights engineer needs to be able to switch seamlessly between industry jargon, and terms that anyone on your team can understand.

Use your data engineer interview questions to find out how a candidate would explain something complex like installing a new data analytics system, to someone without engineering knowledge.


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