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What Salesforce Candidates Want Now: Movement, Money, or Flexibility?

Companies in search of a Salesforce candidate are facing several challenges today. We’re currently in the midst of a digital skills crisis, where the demand for technical talent far outweighs the available supply. Every company needs to invest in powerful tools for customer management and sales productivity like Salesforce, but not everyone can access the talent required to leverage those tools.  

Even companies with existing access to Salesforce employees aren’t safe. Situations like the Great Resignation are causing significant anxiety for business leaders, as they struggle to retain the people they need most in their team.  

The only way to effectively attract the right people for your talent pipeline, and keep your existing employees on board, is to figure out what Salesforce candidates want from their employer.  

Employee Demands are Changing 

While salary still plays a part in many job decisions, it’s only a small piece of the puzzle. Recently, the team at Resource on Demand ran a LinkedIn poll asking what Salesforce professionals wanted most from an employer. 62% of staff said the most important factor to them is “complete flexibility” in their workplace.  

It’s not just flexibility driving changes in the recruitment landscape either. Analytical experts like Gartner say everything from focusing on empathy and wellbeing to a more “human-centric” approach to hiring is critical to today’s employees.  

The Growing Need for Flexibility 

Flexibility is probably the most important concern for any Salesforce star searching for the right employment opportunity today.  

While many employees are interested in earning more at work, they’re also willing to compromise on income if it means they can have more control over their work-life balance. 28% of employees say they’d even take a lower salary in exchange for flexible work 

In the last couple of years, many technology-driven employees and Salesforce staff have discovered working remotely to improve focus and engagement. Even Microsoft says 70% of employees want flexible work options to continue indefinitely.  

Giving employees more freedom to work from home or even change their hours when needed to balance their personal and professional lives can make you more appealing as an employer. As concepts like the 4-day work week become more popular, there could even be an opportunity for companies to attract Salesforce staff with shorter working schedules. 

Increasing Focus on Empathy and Wellbeing 

Alongside flexibility, one of the primary points employees are looking at when choosing who to work with is focusing on empathy. The past few years have prompted a new focus on the health and wellbeing aspects of caring for and supporting employees.  

Today, around 53% of employees say that balancing work and life is their top concern in the future, and 51% rate staying healthy and well as their number one priority.  

Companies that invest in the wellness and continued health of their employees are likely to stand out from the crowd as Salesforce staff search for business leaders who respect their needs. This could mean companies need to invest more time and effort into mental health days for people who need time off to deal with their mental wellness.  

Increased focus on empathy and wellbeing also involves companies investing more time and effort into ethical practices and social responsibility. Companies with a strong DEI strategy often positively impact Salesforce staff. 

Opportunities for Movement and Growth 

The last couple of years has caused confusion and concern among Salesforce staff unsure of what the future might hold. With that in mind, many of today’s employees are looking to work with employers who have a vision for the future.  

Salesforce staff love having an opportunity to develop their skills and become even more valuable to the businesses they work for. With countless ways to invest in your professionals, from Trailhead courses to networking events, business leaders should have no problem helping Salesforce staff to grow.  

Giving your employees access to tools that help them develop their skills and knowledge will simultaneously benefit your team members and your company. On the one hand, your employees get access to more of their skills to thrive in any workplace. On the other hand, you can leverage the benefits of a new set of Salesforce capabilities.  

Aside from giving your team members ways to learn and grow their skills, remember to show them opportunities for movement in your team in the future. Internal promotions and chances for your team members to embrace new responsibilities will make you more appealing to your staff. 

Meaningful and Challenging Work 

Finally, it’s worth noting that almost every employee in today’s evolving landscape is looking for opportunities to work with a company that shares its ethics, values, and vision. While your company mission might not seem like an important concept for your staff at first glance, many Salesforce employees now want to feel like they’re making a positive impact on the world 

According to one study from the World Economic Forum, a sense of purpose is the number two most important criteria for finding a job for millennials after salary. Finding a purpose to place your business behind can help to make you more appealing to the right talent. 

As well as meaning, remember Salesforce employees are also looking for challenges. These are technical professionals who love opportunities to put their skills to the test and try out new forms of technology. Don’t be afraid to challenge your team.  





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