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What’s hot, for beginners?

Technology is constantly evolving and as a result employers are always on the look out for applicants who have the latest ‘in-demand’ skills. This month, we bring you the top must-have skills for beginners:

1. Markup LanguageMarkup Language

HTML5 is a markup language used for structuring and presenting web content. It delivers rich content, such as; animations, graphics and multiple media and can be used to build complicated web and mobile applications.

2. Programming Languages

Coding is one of the most sought after skills, and with so many to choose from, it can be a minefield. Below we give you a quick run-down of the top picks:

  • Java and JavaScript. Java is a class-based, object-oriented programming language (OOP). It is one of the most used programming languages and appears in a vast majority of enterprise software, from web-based content to mobile apps and is designed to work across multiple software platforms. JavaScript on the other hand is a client and server-side scripting language. It’s flexibility of use across multiple web browsers, means it is an essential tool for developing interactive web functions, such as; gaming, desktop applications etc.
  • C, C#, C++ and Objective-C. C is a general purpose language and often provides the foundations for other popular languages, such as C#, Java, JavaScript and Python. It is generally used for implementing operating systems. C++ is an intermediate level language with OOP features, and is used to develop software systems, application software and high performance server and client applications. C# is a general purpose programming language used for developing software for the Windows platform, whereas Objective-C is an OOP used by Apple’s operating system.
  • Ruby is an object oriented scripting language, used for developing websites and mobile applications. It was designed to be simple and easy to write and powers Ruby-on-Rails framework, commonly called Rails, and is a great starting point for beginner developers.
  • Python is a server-side scripting language for websites and mobile application. Due to its compact syntax and readability, it is a good starting point for any beginner developer.
  • PHP is a server-side scripting language, commonly used in the design of dynamic websites and application development. It can also be embedded directly into HTML source, and as a result is a very popular programming language for web-developers.

3. Database Query Language

SQL (Structure Query Language) is a purpose built language for managing data in relational database management systems, and is more often used for its ‘Query’ functionality.

4. Big Data

Big Data jobs are in high-demand, so it is essential that you have some of the following among your skill set.

  • Apache Hadoop is an open-source software framework for storage and large scale processing of data-sets on clusters of commodity hardware.
  • MongoDB is a cross-platform, open-source document database, and the leading NoSQL database.

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