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5 Ways a Marketing Automation Manager Can Take Charge of Their Career in the AI World

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the biggest buzzwords the tech industry has ever seen.  

We’re living in an age where intelligent machines aren’t just a science-fiction concept anymore; they’re a growing part of the way that companies interact with customers. Marketing automation managers are crucial to the connections between brands and consumers. As such, these employees are now under more pressure to prepare for the AI revolution and take advantage of new tech.  

Although robots and machines probably won’t replace everyone in the workforce, there are many functions and skills that today’s marketers can explore to make themselves more valuable. According to Salesforce, about half of 3,500 marketers surveyed said they’re already using AI, and this number is expected to grow.  

Marketing Managers and AI Work Together 

In the age of digital transformation, many processes have begun to be “automated.” Companies are getting rid of repetitive tasks by giving them to bots, instead of humans. At first, people were concerned that this would eliminate jobs. However, new roles have been created, like marketing automation managers, for creatives who know how to produce content and work alongside tech. 

As AI becomes more valuable to the average business, the best marketing managers will be those who can work seamlessly with their robotic assistants. With AI, marketers can: 

  • Better understand their audience through in-depth consumer profiles 
  • Streamline and personalise content production 
  • Research marketplace trends more deeply 
  • Make better business decisions based on insights 
  • Provide better customer experiences through chatbots that offer 24/7 support 

In the marketing automation world, AI isn’t “replacing” jobs; it’s creating a demand for new skills.  

Marketing automation managers willing to take steps to prepare for new technology today will be better prepared to stand out in the marketplace of tomorrow.  

So, how can you make sure that AI enhances your career? 


1. Be a Dedicated Self-Learner


Often, the best employees in any tech team are those that are willing to continually learn to stay ahead of the curve. After all, the industry is continually evolving. For marketing automation managers, a commitment to ongoing learning may include: 

  • Building data analytics skills to work with machine learning algorithms 
  • Discovering how to communicate with and use chatbots 
  • Knowing how to interpret data insights revealed by AI tools  

According to studies, 40% of today’s marketing jobs require digital skills, and the demand for specialist talent is growing each year.  

As AI continues to accelerate the rate of growth in virtually every industry, any aspiring employee needs to be a self-learner, capable of keeping up with the latest changes. If you can commit to staying curious and hungry for knowledge, then you’ll always be prepared to take advantage of the latest trends that are most relevant to your business and teams.  

2. Become a Problem Identifier, and a Problem Solver

Both marketing agencies and tech companies today want marketing automation managers who can use analytics, statistics, and big data handled by AI to make informed decisions.  

With the advent of AI, professionals who learn how to use the latest tools will be able to more easily track down the problems that their business, team members, and even customers are facing.  

Look at the changing trends in customer experience for example. Consumers increasingly expect higher levels of personalised service. That’s why many companies are using specialist Salesforce recruiters to find people who can support business decisions with CRM insights 

With AI, marketing automation managers can automatically draw data from CRM systems and other databases to understand the issues their people face and offer solutions quickly. This leads to promotional campaigns that are more emotional, engaging and relevant.  

3. Be More Open-Minded 

For decades, marketing professionals have been reaching customers through human-to-human conversations. Now, through AI, companies are beginning to deploy chatbots and virtual assistants as their initial line of contact with customers.  

On the one hand, investing in new tech can be a complicated process. Chatbots algorithms can misinterpret questions and provide completely irrelevant offers to customers when used incorrectly. However, through perseverance and commitment, companies can eventually create better experiences for their clients, and make it easier to gather useful data 

As an open-minded marketing automation manager, you won’t be afraid to try new things and take some risks when getting the most out of AI. You’ll know that overcoming small hiccups in the short-term and putting the extra work in now will deliver more value in the future.  

4. Get Creative 

Marketing automation managers have the unique skill of being able to tune into both technical and creative skills. For instance, with AI, marketing automation managers can build better user personas that drive up to 14.5% greater sales productivity. When you get to know your customer’s behavioural traits, buying habits, and other details, you can create better promotional campaigns.  

As AI becomes a bigger component of the marketing world, leading employees will be able to use algorithms to further expand their creative potential 

For instance, marketing teams can use an AI algorithm to curate the photos and images they use when publishing content online. This will help them to find graphics that best suit their brand’s style, without having to spend hours searching for royalty-free pictures.  

5. Always Be Ready to Adapt

Finally, in the age of AI and constant digital transformation, tech job descriptions are rarely as static as they once were. Sometimes, you’ll need to be willing to go outside of your comfort zone and try new things that might not be part of your usual schedule.  

The best marketing automation managers in the future will be prepared to stay up-to-date with the speed at which technological trends develop and change. You’ll know how to recognise the trends that can benefit your business and learn how to use them to your advantage.  

To thrive in the years to come, business leaders in all environments will need to understand what AI can do, and make sure that they’re ready to adapt when the occasion calls for it. This means embracing a more agile mentality, so you’re prepared for anything.  


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