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Remote Interview Tips for Salesforce Candidates

The ongoing coronavirus situation has changed the way we live and work. While some industries have put a freeze on recruitment, for many companies who are continuing to hire to prevent a slowdown, it’s business as usual. 

Thankfully, for Salesforce and many IT roles, there is the possibility of remote interviews. 

I wrote a blog recently covering the many benefits of Salesforce in regards to remote working opportunities, which you can check out here. 

So for those of you who are continuing your Salesforce job search – great news. There are still plenty of opportunities available, with the bonus of the recruitment process speeding up, thanks to so many people being in the country and easily-contactable 

If you’ve been thinking about looking for a new Salesforce role for a while, get in contact with us today to discuss the opportunities we currently have available to apply for via remote interviews. 

In the meantime, here’s our guide on how to conduct the perfect virtual interview.  


1. Be Aware of the Difference 

First of all, interviewing in person and interviewing online are two very different experiences. You might be well-rehearsed at real-life interviews; this does not necessarily mean you will ace a virtual interview. 

Candidates can feel slightly more uneasy when taking part in an online interview, especially if it’s entirely new to you. So, be mindful that if the virtual interview is altogether new territory, it is normal for it to feel slightly strange at first. You can make the whole experience much more enjoyable by taking into consideration the following points. 


2. Find the Perfect Location 

If you’re interviewing from your PC, make sure that whatever room you’re in is locked and that anyone else in the house is aware that you can’t be distracted. Test the lighting before the interview – draw the curtains or blinds to protect the screen from sunlight glare and use lighting and lamps to get the right light – the interviewer should be able to see you clearly. 

It’s a little easier with a laptop to be able to move around the house to find the perfect quiet spot with the right ambience. 

Conduct a test run before the interview with a friend or family member to ensure that everything’s good to go and that your camera and microphone are in working order. Check that your internet connection is secure and turn off any bandwidth-draining devices like other laptops or tablets to ensure you’ll be using the most reliable signal – no-one wants a frozen screen during an important interview! 

Once you’ve got the perfect spot, it’s time to think about what to wear. 


3. Get Camera Ready 

If you’ve been working from home recently like the majority of people, you will probably have relaxed your attitude to your working attire. 

For Zoom calls, most people still like to look smart, and so a shirt (but probably without the tie) or a blouse, and some kind of trousers or skirt has been the go-to when working from home.  

However, for a virtual interview, I can’t stress how important it is to get entirely in character – this means dressing precisely as you would if you were just about to grab your coat and head out of the door for a regular interview. Wear professional business attire – and a top tip, wearing your shoes during the virtual interview will get you even more into the interview headspace. 


4. Remote Interview Tips 

The following are my top tips to remember during the interview to help you connect on a deeper level with the interviewer – 

  • Use your hands. People say that it feels harder to get their point across during virtual interviews. This is because we do a lot of communication with our hands and bodies – something which doesn’t come across when using a webcam. So remember to use your hands while talking, even though the interviewer won’t be able to see them, as this will help your words sound more commanding. 
  • Slow down. Between internet connections and awkward interruptions, it can be slightly harder for the conversation to flow online. But this just means that you should take a little extra time when talking, and make sure the interviewer has finished speaking before you start. 
  • Don’t sit too close to the camera; push your chair back a little further than you would typically have it while working. 
  • Remember to look at the camera! Some people have their webcams off centre, and this can be distracting. The interviewer will feel much more connected to you if you are looking straight at them. Also, avoid wearing a headset as this can also be distracting, and finally, remember to smile! 

If you’re looking for your next interview for a Salesforce role, we can help. We’ve got a range of roles available in the UK and are looking to work with excellent Salesforce talent right now. 

You can get in touch with us here, or browse the jobs we currently have available. 





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