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How to Find Your Retained Search Partner of Choice

Finding the recruitment partner that will help to grow your business is challenging.  

Many business leaders identify the failure to attract and retain crucial talent as their main business issue. Problems with recruitment are particularly common in the technology industry, where over half of all hiring managers are searching for new skills this year.  

Executive retained search services like those available from ROD can give today’s companies some peace of mind. You’ll have an ongoing relationship with recruitment experts that are always ready to find the talent you need to fill any gaps in your team.  

However, not all retained search partners will offer the same quality of service. The key to deriving the most value out of your new recruitment strategy is understanding how to select the specialists suited to your individual needs. 

Here are the questions you can ask to make sure you’re getting the right return on your investment, with the ultimate retained search partner. 


1. How Will They Help You Attract the Best?

Central to the value of a recruitment partner is their ability to discover and engage candidates that are ideally suited to your role. The first step in making an educated choice is finding out how deep your new retained search partner’s access is in the technology industry.  

How successful are they when it comes to capturing the interest of candidates that might already be employed in other roles? Can your search company put you in touch with industry leaders in areas like ERM and Salesforce implementation? Some companies will have greater reach in specific areas of IT than others. It’s crucial to find out how your team will attract the top executive candidates for your needs.  

Find out what your partner will do to deliver candidates beyond just the “usual suspects.” What kind of connections do they have with industry groups and communities? How effective are they at selling the benefits of your company culture to others? Ask for details on how your recruitment team will present the opportunities you have to candidates and pre-qualify those people before sending them to you. 


2. Who Will Be Responsible for the Retained Service?

One of the things that make retained search so effective is the fact that you’re building relationships with experienced recruitment professionals. Companies like ROD that offers retained search take their ongoing connections with their clients very seriously. They won’t just leave your case to be managed by anyone on the team. Instead, you’ll get the insight and input of someone with true industry expertise.  

Here at Resource on Demand, our retained service is led by Lee Durrant, our founder, and an expert in the Salesforce space. Mr. Durrant offers a unique behind-the-scenes knowledge of the industry to retained search clients, improving your chances of superior quality candidates.  

To ensure you’re getting the right support for your recruitment strategy, look for a company that offers retained search as an extension of a dedicated and passionate recruitment service. The support you get from your executive partner needs to come from the heart of that recruitment team, allowing you to access the insights of the most experienced veteran recruiters in the company. 


3. Do They Have the Right Expertise?

Quality recruitment partners will always have an experienced-backed knowledge of the hiring market. However, when you’re looking for executives in the tech space, you need something more specific. Finding a retained search partner that understands the specialist skills you want to hire for, will help you to find the hidden gems in your available candidate pool.  

For instance, ROD is a leading Salesforce recruiting company. Our retained search services will help you track down employees for your CIO positions, data management roles, and more. However, we can also give you a unique edge in the search for Salesforce talent. Now that the demand for Salesforce talent is bigger than ever, we can provide specialist skills unlike anything else on the market.  

When working with knowledgeable Salesforce experts like Lee Durrant, you’ll be able to find candidates that specifically suit the goals and expectations relevant to your new role. 


4. What is Their Process?

A retained search service is a unique way to enhance your recruitment strategy. When you hire an executive search solution, you develop a consistent relationship with your recruitment team. This means that you always have people in the tech marketplace, finding talent that will help your company to evolve.  

Finding the ultimate partner will mean spending some time getting to know the people that you’ll be working with and the processes that they use. Business leaders like Lee Durrant are open to discussing the concept of retained search with you before you get started. This will allow you to explore the suite of solutions that are available to you, including redefining job descriptions, improving the interview process, and developing onboarding strategies.  

Make sure that the process your retained search partner offers also includes preparing for succession. In other words, your partners need to be willing to help you think beyond today and consider what you might need from your recruitment service in the future. After all, the tech industry is continually evolving. Here at ROD, we’ve helped businesses thrive and grow through countless digital transformations, both with standard recruitment, and retained search. 

Do Your Due Diligence 

All recruitment partners are not the same.  

Finding someone you can trust enough to retain consistently can be a complicated process. The key to success is knowing how to find an effective partner, capable of supporting and advising you throughout your growth process.  

If you’re ready to transform your recruitment strategy with executive retained search, contact the team at ROD today. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have to help you ensure that we’re the perfect partner for your hiring strategy. 


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