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How to Understand What Your Salesforce Hiring Manager Wants

Are you currently looking for your next Salesforce role 

With 35,000 employees worldwide and growing, there are currently plenty of opportunities for candidates with tech or CRM experience to break into this expanding niche. 

Likewise, for those already with the company, the promotion prospects have never been better. 

But with increased competition as an influx of candidates compete for the most in-demand roles, what can candidates do to impress the Salesforce hiring manager? 

As an interim between the candidate and the hiring manager, Salesforce recruiters like us here at ROD have access to the knowledge of what employers are looking for.  

So I thought I’d share with you my hottest tips on what Salesforce hiring managers are looking for right now. 


What Candidates Need to Know Before the Interview 



The best advice I can give you before your interview is to make sure that you feel 100% preparedThis means researching the role and the company thoroughly.  

The interview will be different depending on whether you are applying directly to Salesforce or for an end-user company – your Salesforce Recruitment Consultant will be able to provide you with everything you need to know.  

Salesforce rank #1 employer in the UK, and it’ easy to understand why. The interview process is such that, as a candidate, you will be put at ease so that the interview is an overall positive experience. 


What a Salesforce Hiring Manager is Looking For 


Salesforce Hiring Manager


Salesforce experience is a bonus, but it is not necessary for every role – it will depend on what position you are applying for.  

If your interview is for a more executive role, you might be required to make a presentation – the hiring manager or your recruiter will inform you of this beforehand. You might be asked to demonstrate how your previous Salesforce or CRM experience is relevant to this role, and how you have gone out of your way to give the customer the ultimate CRM experience.  

The hiring manager will ask you about challenges in previous projects, as they are on the lookout for candidates with the ability to think fast to overcome issues – an essential skill in the fast-moving world of CRM. They will want to hear about the attitude with which you approach problems, rather than merely how you solved it.  

Salesforce hiring managers are briefed to recognise that the interview is very much a two-way street. Candidates with great skill and experience will have a selection of choices, and Salesforce knows that. The interviewer will be trying to gauge if you are right for the position in terms of what they are looking for, but also if this role fits in with your personal and professional goals.  

Now let’s take a look at what qualities make a great Salesforce candidate. 


What Makes a Great Candidate? 


Salesforce Hiring Manager


Salesforce candidates should be able to demonstrate that they have a comprehensive understanding of the goals for the position – for three months, six months, a year and beyond. Whether that is to have successfully implemented the CRM within a small company within three months or to work as part of a wider team building and tweaking the platform for a new, large organisation. 

A passion for CRM is a must, and the more enthusiastically you can talk about your previous projects, the happier the hiring manager will be. 

Soft skills, such as teamwork, emotional intelligence, delegation, project management and budgeting knowledge are all must-haves for successful candidates – so be prepared to talk about times when you have demonstrated these skills in your previous roles.  

Salesforce heavily promotes the idea of knowledge-sharing, and the Hawaiian theme of Ohana (meaning ‘family’) among its employees, so be sure to emphasise examples of collaboration and an awareness of the importance of community in your work.  


Advice For Unsuccessful Candidates 

If you are unsuccessful in your Salesforce interview, don’t be put-off from reapplying. Getting through to the interview stage should be encouragement enough to know that you were in serious consideration for the job – most of the time the decisions are very close and unsuccessful Salesforce applicants are encouraged by the company to re-apply in future.  

Continue to network, and focus on honing your applicable skills. If you have been applying for Salesforce jobs solo, next time, why not reach out to a dedicated Salesforce recruiter 



We have been helping match Salesforce candidates with their next role for over a decade. We can provide you with comprehensive information about what opportunities are available to you right now, or in the future – so get in touch today. 





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