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The Ultimate Guide to a Career as a Salesforce Business Analyst


With competitive salaries, excellent career progression and a flexible work-life balance, starting a career in Salesforce might be the best decision you ever make. The demand for Salesforce talent is huge and there has never been a better time to train in Salesforce.

Salesforce offers a diverse range of career opportunities to suit all levels of experience. If you’re interested in a career in Salesforce, you’ll need to consider the different avenues you can choose from including Salesforce Administrator roles and Salesforce Consultant roles and more senior Solutions Architect roles and Technical Architect roles.

In this career guide we’ll discuss the responsibilities, career prospects and salary expectations of a Salesforce Business Analyst so you can assess whether your personal strengths and experience are suited to the position.

Salesforce Careers

What is a Salesforce Business Analyst?

A Salesforce Business Analyst is a project-based role that involves working to improve business processes and support efficient use of Salesforce. Business analysts understand the business priorities and processes, gather requirements and propose technology solutions. They specialise in aligning the Salesforce CRM platform with the business’ needs and objectives.

Working as a Salesforce Business Analyst, you will become a key point of contact between your organisation and external stakeholders, bringing together the technical and business elements of a project. Essentially, a Salesforce Business Analyst bridges the gap between business needs and technology solutions. They deeply understand the Salesforce platform, evaluate existing business processes within and organisation to identify areas for improvement and use their expertise to drive successful implementations and enhancements.

What does a Salesforce Business Analyst do?

Some of the key roles and responsibilities of a Salesforce Business Analyst include collaborating with external stakeholders to understand business processes, objectives and challenges, working with Salesforce Administrators and Salesforce Developers to design solutions that meet business requirements and configuring the Salesforce platform to meet these requirements. Additional tasks required of a business analyst may include assisting with software testing to ensure solutions meet required standards and preparing reports by collecting and analysing trends and communicating this information back to senior stakeholders.

Salesforce Careers
Salesforce Careers

Why is a Salesforce Business Analyst role so interesting?

The role of a Salesforce Business Analyst is particularly interesting because they play a crucial role in implementing and optimising Salesforce solutions within an organisation. If the day-to-day tasks of a Salesforce Business Analyst are not carried out, then it will inevitably mean that the technology solutions won’t get developed to align to business needs which will probably result in an unhappy customer. The role would therefore suit someone with a passion for management consultancy who likes to improve business processes for clients.

How to land a Salesforce Business Analyst role?

In most cases, Salesforce Business Analysts don’t need to have come from a technical background as the role focuses more on the business and stakeholder communication. If you are completely new to Salesforce technology, you will then need to complete training for Salesforce certifications to become an accredited Salesforce Business Analyst. To become a Salesforce Business Analyst, candidates must also be able to clearly demonstrate a number of desirable abilities including problem solving skills, verbal and written communication skills, data and numerical analysis skills and time management skills.

During the interview process, a candidate may be asked to present a solution to a business scenario to a panel of people. This task requires the Salesforce talent to call upon on their own experience and allows them to demonstrate the skills listed above as well as their ability to perform well under pressure and proficiency with Salesforce technology. Resource On Demand are passionate about connecting talent with the right Salesforce jobs and our team can provide you with expert advice and guidance to help you land a role as a Salesforce Business Analyst or any Salesforce job.

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What does progression look like for a Salesforce Business Analyst?

The role of a Salesforce Business Analyst offers various opportunities for progression and growth within the Salesforce ecosystem. The route you choose is completely dependent on your personal interests and skills and there is no one career path that an individual must follow.

As a business analyst gains more experience on the Salesforce platform, they may advance to a senior-level position where they take on more complex projects and responsibilities. This may also include mentoring junior team members.

Alternatively, another popular option for Salesforce Business Analysts is to continue to upskill, obtain relevant Salesforce certifications and specialise in a particular area. Whether you go down the consulting, management or solutions design route is entirely up to you.

Salary expectations for a Salesforce Business Analyst?

A career as a Salesforce Business Analyst offers a generous salary. On average in the UK, Salesforce Business Analysts earn a salary of around £55k-£70k for permanent roles and £350-£400 per day for contract roles. Salaries can vary, of course, based on factors such as experience, location, company size, industry and role complexity.

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