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The Ultimate Guide to a Career as a Salesforce Solutions Architect

With over 150,000 Salesforce partners worldwide and a predicted 9.3 million new Salesforce jobs to be created by 2026, the demand for Salesforce talent is huge. The entirely cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform offers a diverse range of careers with competitive salaries and excellent career progression, to suit all levels of experience.

No two Salesforce careers are the same and each role is suited to a different skill set which is why it is important to understand the difference. Whether you’re an experienced Salesforce Developer, Administrator, Consultant or are completely new to the platform, Resource On Demand are here to help you find your dream role with the world’s No.1 CRM platform.

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What is a Salesforce Solutions Architect?

Salesforce Solutions Architects are some of the most sought-after professionals in the Salesforce ecosystem. They are trusted advisors and leaders who work with stakeholders to design effective solutions on the Salesforce platform that solve business problems. A Solutions Architect often leads a team of consultants, administrators and developers so they need to be a confident mentor. They must also translate business needs to a technical vision that code builders can execute.

The role of the Salesforce Architect is crucial in Salesforce implementation as they design the strategy and data model for users. As highly experienced problem solvers, Solutions Architects identify the optimal solution for business requirements and put technical solutions in place. They are trusted advisors and are able to easily share their expertise on Salesforce product capabilities.

What does a Salesforce Solutions Architect do?

The Salesforce Solutions Architect role is a delivery leadership position which holds a variety of different responsibilities. Some of their day-to-day tasks include conducting research into a client’s use of Salesforce and recommending appropriate solutions, reviewing solutions and making improvements and preparing data to send to systems as well as processing data when it is received from others.

The lines are often blurred depending on the size of the Salesforce partner and scale of the project, meaning the responsibilities of the Salesforce Architect may vary. At smaller Salesforce partners, a single Salesforce Solutions Architect can be sufficient but for larger partners, more complex projects may require a number of Technical, Applications and Solutions Architects.

Salesforce Careers
Salesforce Careers

Why is a Salesforce Solutions Architect role so interesting?

The Salesforce Solution Architect role is interesting for a number of reasons. The Salesforce platform is a constantly changing environment which presents new challenges every day. While the role is challenging, the Solutions Architect job is extremely rewarding because you are able to design quality solutions for Salesforce technology and help users in their day to day lives.

How to land a Salesforce Solutions Architect role?

Becoming a Salesforce Solutions Architect is no easy feat and requires more that studying Salesforce training modules alone. The Solutions Architect role is relatively senior and requires an exceptional level of Salesforce skills, years of experience and knowledge of best practice.

In a typical job interview for a Solutions Architect position, the candidate may be asked to present a solution to a business scenario to a panel of people. This allows the Salesforce talent the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities including client facing skills, ability to work under pressure and ability to communicate complex technical solutions with non-technical people.

In terms of technical skills, a Solutions Architect must have an in-depth knowledge of integrating Salesforce with other technologies and know how to recommend coding best practices because they often manage teams that include developers. Desirable soft skills include a passion for the Salesforce platform and exceptional communication skills because the role is largely client facing.

Salesforce Careers

What does progression look like for a Salesforce Salesforce Solutions Architect?

Salesforce Solutions Architects typically come from consultant roles where they create and manage projects, manage client relationships and support Salesforce users through change. There is a huge demand for Salesforce Architects and the career path is one of the fastest growing in Salesforce, with a wide variety of different roles available within the specialism.

Although career paths are not always linear in the Salesforce ecosystem, there are three pathways a Salesforce Solutions Architect may take: technical, applications and systems. Depending on your interests and skills, you might gravitate towards one particular role although more often than not, a highly experience Salesforce Architect will move into a senior delivery lead role.

Salary expectations for a Salesforce Solutions Architect?

In the UK, at the highest end of the salary range, Salesforce Solutions Architects can command a salary up to around £120k. The Solutions Architect salary is, of course, dependent on a number of factors including the company, role complexity and experience level of the Salesforce talent.

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