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Salesforce Recruitment: 5 Questions Employers Must Ask When Choosing a Retained Search Recruitment Partner

Retained search in the Salesforce sphere is on the rise. We recently posted a blog discussing the differences, and benefits, of retained search versus traditional contingency recruiting for senior Salesforce roleswhich you can read here. 

The rise in the need for retained search is due to several factorsincluding the growing Salesforce implementation in many organisations and the need for great consultants to build out systems for their employers and clients.  

But with a startling amount of recruitment companies now in the UK, how can Salesforce employers be sure that they are going into partnership with the ‘right’ recruiter – the one that will supply them with the best candidates and the best service? 

Instead of choosing to partner with a recruiter who you think will give you the best return on your investment, make sure they are going to provide you with precisely what you need, by asking the following questions. 


1. How Long Have You Recruited in the Salesforce Field? 


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There are many recruitment companies in the UK, and an increasing amount are ‘branching out’ into growing sectors, such as IT, tech and Salesforce. 

However, the difference in the level of service that a recruiter with a specialism in Salesforce or CRM who has been recruiting in this sector for just a couple of years, and one who has been operating for much longer, is vast.  

The Salesforce sector is tight-knit, which is excellent for networking and job opportunities, but it also means that it takes longer for newer recruiters to permeate and make the connections needed to become a first-rate recruiting partner in the Salesforce field. 

When it comes to Salesforce recruiting – the longer your recruiter has been in this sector, the better.  


2. What Does Your Process Look Like? 

Get your recruiting partner to explain, in detail, the steps in their search practice. 

Their process should wow you, and make you feel assured that their search leaves no stone unturned. 

Your retained search Salesforce recruiter should have such in-depth connections that they have access to candidates that other recruiters don’t have, and they will be able to explain the extensive reach of their network. 

If you feel like something is missing, or that their process isn’t as detailed as you hoped it would be, this can be a red flag that their search, and connections, might not be of the highest value to you. 


3. Tell Me About Similar Roles You Have Placed? 


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You want to work with a recruiting partner who you can trust will deliver the best person for the pivotal vacancy you have. One of the best ways to do this is to work with a recruiting partner who has placed candidates in roles very similar to your vacancy.  

Have a conversation with your recruitment consultant about their previous Salesforce placements. Of course, discretion is of the highest importance, and, and though they ethically will not be able to give specific names of past clients or candidates, you will be able to get a handle on their networks and ability to connect you with the level of Salesforce expertise and talent you want. 


4. How Well Do You Understand Our Company Culture? 

While it’s not a new concept, it is still of incredible importance that your retained search recruiter gets to know all about your company culture, to provide candidates with only the best ‘fit’. 

Company culture and high engagement are something which many business owners think only applies to their junior employees.  

When it comes to company culture, there is an acceptance that senior and more executive employees lead, and the rest follow. But what happens when you hire a senior employee, such as a Salesforce Technical Lead, or a Technical Consultant and they don’t fit in with the company culture? This does happen in higher-level roles, although it is less frequently talked about, and it can be incredibly costly for businesses.  

Make sure your retained search recruiter fully understands your company culture and the kind of person who will thrive and get on well with the rest of the team, rather than putting forward candidates who look right ‘on paper’.  


5. How Will We Be Supported During (and After) the Process? 


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Finally, what kind of support is extended to you both during the search, and after the candidate has been placed?  

How much support is provided to your business and the candidate throughout notice periods? How in-depth are post-placement interviews? How well will they handle feedback to ensure that your companies reputation is reflected positively to the candidate and for future applicants? 

If your recruiter doesn’t outline each of these steps explicitly, ask. If they cannot provide a process which includes the level of detail you are looking for, it’s time to find a retained search recruiter who will. 


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