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What Makes a Great Campaign Specialist?

What makes a great campaign specialist?  

They’re the backbone of every successful CRM system and a great entry-level Salesforce job to get into; as well as a great career stepping stone to bigger and better campaign roles – but what makes a great campaign specialist? 

There are specific skills and attributes which great campaign specialists share; some old-school skills coupled with newer proficiencies is the key. 

Are you looking for your first campaign specialist role, or looking to progress your career? Let me share with the skills you will need to possess to land the best CRM campaign roles. 


A Passion for Data 



Firstly – a love of data comes with the territory. Prior experience of the system that you will be working with, such as Adobe Campaign or Salesforce, is not always necessary. But you will need to demonstrate that you have an excellent understanding of fast-paced, continually changing databases, and how to get the most out of them. 

An appreciation for data is one of the primary reasons IT enthusiasts get into campaign roles, but – there are other attributes necessary to really excel in these roles. Let’s take a look at what they are. 


Obsessed With CRM 

To make a success of your campaign specialist role, you do not necessarily have to have experience in the specific CRM. Of course, there are differences between Adobe Campaign, Salesforce, IBM SilverpopUnica and the other central systems, but acute knowledge of one can often translate into another. 

Likewise, if you have less-focused experience, but with a few different CRMs, this can be a big advantage. 

Many CRM experts who have worked for the same system for years become ingrained with familiar knowledge, but this means they can lack the foresight to think outside the box when problems arise. 

In my experience as a CRM recruiter, companies looking for campaign specialists welcome applicants who can demonstrate knowledge of the different models that are out there. 


Digital Marketing Skills 



To be successful in working with any CRM, you should have a good understanding of how each part of the machine operates. You might be proficient in working with data, but how up-to-scratch are your digital marketing skills? 

To provide customers with the best experience, you should possess a good understanding of the role of digital marketing within the CRM, and better still – great ideas about where to drive the businesses digital marketing collateral.  

Are you always keeping your eye on what’s going on in digital marketing trends? Have you seen a new style, or content, that competitors are introducing?  

To succeed as a campaign specialist, you must always be alert to changes in digital marketing trends and how to adapt to make your company’s brand stand out in your market.  


Customer Care 

A great campaign specialist will genuinely care about the customer experience. They will draw on their own experiences of being on the customer end of a CRM – both good and bad – to continually improve their own system. 

Additionally, they can draw experiences from previous campaigns they have worked on to enhance current campaigns. What produced great results when you were updating the CRM for your last client or employer, and what didn’t work so well? 

The most successful campaign specialist can pool their knowledge of customer success stories from their previous jobs to strengthen their knowledge and ability to produce excellent customer journeys.  





It’s almost a paradox that for someone who’s job it is to automate and streamline processes also needs to be on the lookout for ways to pre-empt the system, but it is this skill which separates good and great campaign specialists.  

Campaign specialists who can predict CRM trends in terms of the internal systems, but also what the customer needs are those who will progress quickly in their CRM career.  

With the CRM market growing at an incredible rate, specialists who take the initiative and who can lead a team will become indispensable to CRM clients. 

Finally, let me share with you a little bit about the need for experts during the growth of the sector.  


A Desire to Progress 

Employees who master the campaign specialist role have the opportunity to progress – and quickly. 

For the right candidates, those who have excelled in their campaign specialist roles can move up the career ladder and on to campaign operations consultant or campaign technical lead roles. 

The CRM market is experiencing massive growth as companies everywhere from small businesses to multinational corporations integrate automation and AI into their everyday.  

The global CRM market is predicted to grow at a 13.7% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) through 2021; the need for campaign specialists and other CRM experts is currently high and is only set to rise. 



Do you have CRM experience? Are you a campaign specialist looking for your next, more prominent role? 

We currently have a range of roles available for talented CRM candidates looking to progress their careers, with some of the worlds leading CRM companies – Salesforce plus other market leaders. 

Take a look at the roles we currently have available here or contact us if you can’t see what you’re looking for. Additionally, you can call us on 01322 272 532 to discuss your CRM career options with our team. 





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