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What Should You Really Include on Your Salesforce CV this Year?

The nature of the CV has changed a lot since the 1400s when it was allegedly created by Leonardo Da Vinci. These days, candidates submit CVs online and constantly update their career documents to suit the latest trends. Even in times of strife, your CV remains a crucial component of your career search. 

Though many sectors have struggled in the last year due to the impact of the pandemic, the technology landscape is one area that continues to grow 

Todayleaders are still looking for Salesforce professionals to help them better serve their customers and protect their profits. Your CV is how you prove that youre the person for the job. 

So, how do you optimise your Salesforce CV for the post-pandemic landscape? 


1. Start By Optimising the Format 

A CV is essentially a data sheet containing all the information an employer needs to know about you and your skills. The way you format this information can differ depending on the kind of job youre applying for. Start by deciding what type of focus your CV should have: 

  • Salesforce developers: will draw the most attention to their security and data modelling skills. They will also highlight their experiences with Lightning, Apex, and Salesforce apps.  
  • Salesforce analysts: should demonstrate statistics showing how their insights have helped other companies to grow. Showcase the results of your work.  
  • Salesforce administrators: can pull attention to their responsibilities by maintaining dashboards, generating reports, and improving the businesss productivity 

Once you know which skills your CV will centre around, use a sensible chronological order to list the information. Start with a header, and forget the address; most CVs in the Salesforce space are entirely digital, and many teams are hiring remote workers now. An address isnt necessary. 

At the top of your CV, introduce yourself with your personal statement, then get straight into discussing the skills and talents that make you a worthwhile candidate.  


2. Enhance Your Personal Statement 

Theres some debate in the hiring world about whether personal statements are necessary. However, as the Salesforce ecosystem and employment landscape continue to evolve, a personal statement can be a source of valuable information for your employer.  

Following the pandemic, your personal statement is a chance to explain what youve been doing in these difficult times. If you were furloughed from your last job, did you take advantage of that free time to achieve some of the 20+ Salesforce certifications available today? 

If you were working in the Salesforce landscape during the pandemic, how did the changes in the industry affect you? Are you now more comfortable working remotely and as part of hybrid teams? Sharing this information could make you a more attractive hire.  

If you and your company went through a particularly difficult period in the last year and your skills helped the business survive, add this to your personal statementIts a fantastic insight into your resiliency in the tech landscape.  


3. Show Your Selling Points 

An effective Salesforce CV features several segments, all designed to sell you as the ultimate professional in different ways. The key to earning your position today is to tailor every part for the role you want.  

  • Work experience: Dont just include any tech-based roles. Focus on highlighting the positions relevant to this new job. If youre looking to work as a Salesforce admin, where did you develop your admin skills? Talk about your responsibilities in the last job and how they made you into the person you are today.  
  • Achievements: How did your past experiences give you the skills you need to thrive in this environment? For instance, did you manage to continue managing your entire team during a period of remote work, with no loss in turnover? If you can, use statistics and numbers to give depth and credibility to your claims. 
  • Education: Historical certifications arent necessary. Focus on the certifications you have that are specific to Salesforce and your target industry. Arrange your skills in a way that makes them easier for a hiring manager to absorb. For instance, if you have Salesforce talents in programming, databases, and administration, place them in different segments. 

Keep each segment as short as possible by only supplying the most relevant information. If someone is interested in learning more about something you write on your CV, they can always talk about it with you in the interview stage. 


4. Create a Cover Letter 

Cover letters are a valuable addition to any CV. These tools are particularly important in the current landscape, where companies are keen to learn about the things candidates have been doing in the last year. Your cover letter is where you can discuss your experiences on trailhead as youve worked on developing your skills or draw attention to your knowledge about the company. 

Most cover letters are around three paragraphs long, and they should always start with a compelling first sentence, such as: Even during furlough, I saved my company £250,000 last year. 

Explain your passion for the job, your knowledge of Salesforce, and your accomplishments, then end the cover letter with an offer: Id love to talk to you about how I can help your business achieve its goals“. 

Always tailor your cover letter to the specific business youre applying for. Do your research before you begin, so you can adapt your letter to fit what the company wants. For instance, if you know the business has a company culture focused on creativity, explain the best ideas you had for your previous employer and how they benefitted the business.  


5. Proofread and Edit 

Almost every industry today is seeing a rapid increase in applicants searching for a way back into their chosen industry. The demand for employment is high, but companies searching for Salesforce professionals are extra cautious about how they spend their hiring budget.  

If you want to wow a potential salesforce recruiter or employer, its important to ensure that you make the right first impression. Dont send your cover letter or CV before you double-check its suitable. Proofread and check for grammatical mistakes or spelling errors.  

Have a friend check the formatting and flow for you and take the time to re-read the application requirements. You might miss the part that asks you to send your CV in PDF form and send it as a .doc instead. In a competitive space, thats enough to get you off the hiring list. 

Optimising Your Salesforce CV 

Having a history in Salesforce or a good degree isnt enough to earn you the job of your dreams today. As the marketplace grows more competitive, its becoming increasingly difficult for any professional to stand out. Fortunately, your CV and cover letter are there to help. 

Use your CV and cover letter to introduce yourself as the ultimate Salesforce hire by focusing on the information your employer wants to see.  

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