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How to Offer the Benefits Salesforce Candidates Really Want This Year

Attracting top talent has always been a challenge for companies in competitive industries. Following the events of the pandemic, it’s even harder to find the skilled professionals you need to generate growth and opportunities in your organisation.  

The demand for Salesforce talent is higher than ever now that companies of all sizes are dealing with a digitally transformed landscape. Customers want better experiences, and the world’s leading CRM solution provides an excellent opportunity to better understand and support your audience.  

Salesforce employees can help businesses thrive and evolve after the pandemic, unlocking new avenues for revenue and improving existing customer relationships. But just like your clients, Salesforce candidates have new expectations employers need to be aware of.  

Do you know if you’re offering the benefits your candidates want most this year? 

Attracting a New Workforce: Salesforce Candidates Really Want…

Most employees in the post-pandemic environment are looking for new benefits and opportunities from their employers. However, as innovators in the digital landscape, Salesforce candidates are on the cutting edge of the move to the new, more efficient workplace.  

Here’s what you can expect your key candidates to be looking for this year.  


1. The Right Hybrid Workplace 

2020 pushed most companies into the remote working world at break-neck speed. Companies either needed to learn how to operate from anywhere or risk shutting down entirely. Fortunately, Salesforce employees don’t always need to be in-house. These professionals can work on your Salesforce software and generate meaningful insights from anywhere.  

73% of workers surveyed by Microsoft said they want flexible working options to continue going forward. Your Salesforce candidates will be in the perfect position to leverage this remote work environment, so make sure you’re ready to offer different styles of work by: 

  • Creating more flexible schedules: Allow your employees to move between in-office and remote working depending on the tasks they need to complete. They can create Salesforce reports at home and come into the office for presentations. 
  • Empowering remote workers: Ensure you have the right tech to support a remote workforce. This includes a secure VPN system for employees who need to access Salesforce accounts and data storage systems from home. 
  • Providing autonomy: Move beyond the belief that employees only work best when they have someone watching them. Give your staff the freedom to choose their own hours and make decisions that benefit their work/life balance. 


2. A Strong Company Culture 

Salesforce professionals want the freedom to work in flexible environments and adjust their hours when necessary, but they also want to be part of something meaningful. Today’s most innovative employees are looking for a purpose in their careers. It’s easier to find this purpose if your company has a strong culture built around the right values 

Start by defining your values as an organisation. For instance, you might prioritise innovation and creativity in your team. If that’s the case, make sure your employees always have a chance to think outside the box and introduce new ideas. Weekly video-conferencing sessions where you can brainstorm ideas with everyone are a great idea.  

Increasingly, Salesforce employees are also looking more for authenticity and compassion from their employers. If you want your staff to care about your team, show them that you care about them by offering resources to help them care for their mental health or making sure they can talk to business leaders about issues. In Microsoft’s studies, closer, more caring interactions between team members encouraged 23% higher productivity and 12% better work relationships.  


3. Opportunities for Growth 

One of the things making Salesforce such an interesting environment for today’s employees is that it’s so versatile and dynamic. The ecosystem is constantly growing, with new trailhead courses for people who want to earn certifications, forums, and group networking options.  

To appeal to an ecosystem of dedicated learners, you’ll need to ensure you’re giving them plenty of opportunities to expand their skills. Allows your Salesforce employees to request access to the certifications and courses they believe will make them more effective in their role. Remember, training doesn’t have to come direct from Salesforce. Employees develop new skills in a range of environments.  

Allowing your team members to attend Salesforce events and networking forums can also give them new ideas on improving the results they gain for your team. Speak to your Salesforce staff about their goals (long term and short-term) and how you can help them reach these targets. 


4. Individualised Benefits 

During the pandemic, many companies discovered just how diverse their workforce really was. Some people thrived working from home, while others felt isolated by being out of the office. As we move into a new age of work, employers will need to treat their employees more like individuals and less like numbers.  

Sit down with your Salesforce staff and ask them what they want most from their role. Some will want extra training to fill gaps in their skillset; others will want access to the latest technology and tools, so they can really put their existing knowledge to good use.  

In some cases, you may even be able to create a unique hiring package for your Salesforce employee based on their distinct needs. For instance, many tech employees today are happy to work for a lower wage if they’re also allowed to work remotely and adjust their schedules from time to time.  


5. A Powerful Voice 

Salesforce professionals will be a crucial tool in the transformation of the modern business. These professionals know how to turn insights from your CRM system into meaningful changes that can transform your business. As such, many Salesforce professionals are looking for a real voice in the companies they work for.  

Allowing your Salesforce staff to make meaningful changes to the way you serve customers, track information, and transform your company will make them feel more invested in their role. This starts by simply giving your staff a way to reach out to you and make suggestions when they find a solution you can improve.  

As your business continues to evolve and you make new investments in customer service and experience tools, you can even involve your Salesforce staff in purchasing choices or ask them for feedback on different tech options.  

Attracting the Right Salesforce Talent 

Your Salesforce innovators will be on the front line of the transition to a new age of customer experience and business growth. With these team members, you may struggle to understand your clients and achieve loyalty. Make sure you know what you need to offer to attract the right talent this year.  




P.S. If you want our help to develop an attractive offer for Salesforce candidates, then send me an email here. 

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