//Why Join Resource on Demand #ROD Europe’s First Salesforce Recruiter?

Why Join Resource on Demand #ROD Europe’s First Salesforce Recruiter?

If you are reading this post, I suspect you are wondering if working as a Salesforce recruitment consultant in the Salesforce technology space might be for you? 

The answer is that it could be. 

As an experienced recruiter, you will already be well aware we are in a market of extremes. 

Recruitment in the business sector has bounced back from the challenges of 2020 from no vacancies and furlough to more vacancies than ever! 

Though not every market is the same, and with the economic recovery slowing down, it is becoming more critical for professional recruiters like you to be in a growing sector while working for a company that understands the current climate and its team. 

Let me explain. 


Opportunity, Flexibility, and Rewards – The Holy Grail For Recruiters 



Let’s chat about the opportunity being a Salesforce recruiter could bring to you and your career. 

Technology drives many aspects of our lives, even more so than a business that wants more customers. This is why CRM software has become so popular. And not just any CRM software: Cloud-based software is a ‘must have’ for most organisations in our global economy. 

Enter Salesforce.  

Launched in 1999 in a small room full of developers, this ground-breaking application, over twenty years, has become the world’s most popular CRM and continues to grow. 

Here is what most recruiters want to know; Salesforce saw a 38% rise in its job listings from 2020 to 2021, and 4.2 million jobs will be created in the Salesforce ecosystem by 2024. 

It is predicted that Salesforce could be worth more than $1 trillion by 2030. 

The financial opportunity as a recruiter is huge, especially with #ROD and our uncapped commission, which I’ll explain later. 

Though what about you and your work-life balance? 

Over the last couple of months, we have posted several polls on LinkedIn and keenly watched the results of others. One large poll from the Institute of workplace and facilities management revealed that 92% of people want to have an opportunity to work at least some time from home. 

Other responses online have indicated that the opportunity to work flexibly while still maintaining a good salary was key. 

Not surprising when you consider the state of workplace wellbeing and the current level of inflation in the UK, with fuel and food prices increasing at an unprecedented rate.  

The challenge is that many recruitment companies are still traditional when working ‘in the office’. Flexibility was OK during lockdown though not now.  

We have noticed that many companies want their consultant team back in the office, in many cases full-time. 

Yet the evidence suggests that remote working helps people maintain a work-life balance that works for both the employee and employer. 

We know that is true because, at the end of 2020, we decided to go fully remote as a Salesforce recruitment specialist.  You can listen to our story on a podcast interview we did here. 

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, we were an office-based business. Our offices were located in Dartford, Kent. We won a local award back in 2018 for best ‘Owner Managed Business’ and received recognition in 2019 for a ‘Happy at Work’ environment, but the pandemic forced us, like many others, to change to a remote business. 

We quickly realised working from home gave us a better work-life balance, so we decided this would be the model from now on, and we haven’t looked back since.  

We talk daily as a team on Zoom. We share info on Chatter, WhatsApp, and the recruiter’s favourite tool – the phone. 


What Can You Expect Working With Resource on Demand? 



How about a commission structure that goes up to 30% with a zero threshold?  

As a Senior Recruitment Consultant, on top of your competitive base salary, benefits, and additional incentives, such as our generous consultant of the year prize, you will receive the following sliding scale commission based on every £1 you bill each month: 

  • 0 – £5,000 = 10%  
  • £5,001 – £10,000 = 15% 
  • £10,001 – £25,000 = 20% 
  • £25,001 – £30,000 = 25% 
  • £30,001 – unlimited = 30%

We are Europe’s first Salesforce recruitment specialist and have been building and nurturing a database of Salesforce professionals since 2008; currently approaching 26,000 and growing daily. 

At #ROD, you get to work closely with us, Lee and Theresa – the founders – and access to your own life coach too! Theresa is also a certified coach who helps people outside of ROD with their lives and careers. As an employee of ROD, you get to benefit from free coaching sessions whenever you need them! 

ROD is all about relationships, internally and externally. 

We have been involved in the Salesforce space since 2008, forging long-standing relationships with people that are now true Salesforce ecosystem stars. In fact, we have interviewed many of those legends for our podcast here. You can also find us on iTunes here. 

As founders, we are very accessible to everyone in the business, supporting you on your own personal career journey.  


What Our Team Say 

It is easy for us to share the opportunities you will receive working with ROD. Though what about our culture and the day-to-day experience? You can access several case studies from the ROD team on the ROD website. 

Here are a few to start with. 

You can read about Shaylina here. Ambitious and driven, although the London recruiter life no longer appealed after starting her family. 

Then we have Callum, the lawyer turned recruiter. Read Callum’s story here. 

Here is Paul’s story, a recruiting veteran who loves working remotely and doing deals out of his garden office! 

Then there is Nick, who had worked in the recruitment sector for several years before joining us. 

With a hankering to work as a specialist recruiter while gaining back control of his life, Nick joined the ROD team in early 2021 during lockdown 2.0; you can read his story here. 

Then Shantel joined us with four years of recruiting experience, though none in technology. Shantel is flying, and you can read more here. 


….. And There is More 

And finally, we encourage all of our team members to participate in fundraising and volunteering, as this helps promote a sense of wellbeing and is also great for the community. Check out some of our recent activities on our ROD Foundation page. 

If you are seeking a career in recruitment, email your CV to hr@resourceondemand.com, along with a covering letter stating why you think you are suited to work as part of the Resource on Demand team. 




Lee and Theresa Durrant 

ROD Founders 


About Resource on Demand

Resource On Demand is Europe’s first specialist Salesforce Recruitment Company.

We assist innovative and disruptive organisations in growing their technology teams. Supporting companies to fill Cloud roles across the growing Salesforce.com suite of skills.

The team at Resource On Demand have access to an extensive database of key talent, registering over 8000 Cloud professionals each year.

To find out how we can support you call us on 01322 272 532

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